Breakfast and Battlegrounds (Episode 3)


Austin and Patrick finally make some progress. There are guns. There is a jeep. And there are lots of mistakes.

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Best video or bestest video?

(Seriously, anyone on the fence should really find some time to watch this great video of platonic love on the battlefield.)


Austin is the greatest father of all time and is also low key dressed like Lara Croft (he looks good tho)


Got some real banger clips coming out of this one!


This series just keeps getting better and better. The walker/kleplick back and forth is some of the funniest streaming I seen them, or anybody else, do. Please guys, don’t let this die after this upcoming week.
Crowbar and Sickle getting it done.


“Oh! They have all of the things that there are!”

These streams are so, so, so good.


Austin like “This cannot continue”.


(Looks like there have been a number of people) noticing that the in-game audio seems to be exactly backwards a lot of the time on stream and in the VODs?

Not a huge issue as someone not playing, but seems real weird when there’s a sound, and Austin looks the opposite direction. I know it was a bug with the game closer to launch, but totally thought it got fixed.

These streams have made me want to play more though, which is nice. Very good times.


I still don’t get why Patrick decided to leave the warehouse. Like, Austin was saying one of us cover the front, the other cover the back, and then Patrick was like, I got the back and then he left. They were pretty much in the central part of the circle; they could have stayed in there for probably a good 5 or 6 minutes before they needed to poke their heads out.

It seems like Patrick’s Skype is cutting out anytime a plane is nearby. He should really get that fixed.


Is anybody else noticing that the in-game audio seems to be exactly backwards a lot of the time on stream and in the VODs?

I’m just going to echo this as a problem I’ve had with this feature, which I really like, but find it difficult to listen to with headphones. While this isn’t a problem for most games, directional sound is such a fixture of this game that it’s hard to pay attention to a video when the L/R audio channels seem reversed. Even little things like Klepek firing the gun out of the jeep and it sounding like it comes from someone immediately to Walker’s left.

It’s not a huge deal, but if this could be fixed (at least in the post-production), that would be amazing. It’s a frequently mentioned in the YouTube comments as well (I know, I know…).


I hate this game/these streams. I can’t get through 15 minutes of one of the videos without launching the game and jumping in.

How an I supposed to do anything when there’s MURRDAHHH to be had!

Seriously though, great streams. The way Austin, and Patrick work off easier is brilliant. I’m sure it comes naturally to Austin, but I can’t help but think one Vinny Caravella was a big influence on how Austin handles developing stories thought his streams.

Love Waypoint, love the perspective you guys are being to the industry, love that you guys are trying a bunch of new stuff. Just over all love it all, thanks for the brilliant content guys/gals.


I love these streams; I think this is a game that lends itself extremely well to video series, and Austin and Patrick are really fun to follow.

One thing that keeps bugging me out is the reversed audio channels. I’m not sure if this is due to a virtual audio cable setup with Skype like Soundflower or something else down the line, but the left is right and the right is left. Sound is super important in Battlegrounds and when i hear footsteps to the left of Austin that are actually just Patrick visibly on his right, or they start running seemingly in the direction of shots that are actually behind them, it really takes me out of the videos. Tracking down and fixing that problem is the only improvement I can suggest :slight_smile: