Breakfast & BATTLEGROUNDS (Episode 21)

Patrick decides the best option is to spend time learning to become a bridge troll. It goes about as well as you might expect.

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I experienced the same weird audio issues that Austin encountered just before watching the stream. It baffled me when you started to talk about listening into a second dimension because I too thought the exact same thing when I encountered it earlier. It’s an interesting bug. Maybe we’re listening in on other games happening at that moment?

This is the most stressed I have been watching one of these.

Hi my first comment, just signed up on Waypoint. I posted this comment on the YouTube video of this episode of B&B. But I wanted to repost it here in hopes that it may perhaps help.

I doubt Austin and Patrick will catch this comment but I have a couple educational opinions to share. first I would like to recommend to Austin to stop using two primary guns that share the same ammo type. ie. SKS and AKM both use 7.62 ammo that is asking to run out in the middle of a gun fight. secondly I would just like to point out that the bridge location for Patrick was a horrible tactical location. In that position he gave the high position advantage to others from two sides and had way too many sight lines to have to cover at one time. anyway hope this helps. great videos you guys are awesome personalities!! keep working you guys will get that #chickendinner!