Breaking Down the 'Demon's Souls' Remake With a Bonafide Souls Expert

The Souls games from developer FromSoftware are no longer niche. They've become such blockbusters in their own right that Demon's Souls, not even a new game but a remake of a PS3 game from 2009, is anchoring the launch of the PS5 in a few months.

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cool interview! definitely think it was hard for Illusory Wall to speculate much given what little is available to dissect, but made some interesting points. i also hope the world tendency system is enhanced and modernized, i always love a game where player/community action changes a game’s look and feel, and this has the opportunity to build on the foundations laid in the original to do something much more sweeping. although, i think given the scramble around launch titles for both new boxes, it’s best to curb expectations…

for the record, i’m team bring back the cat jpeg. maybe we can get a 4k “someone’s cat” status icon :smiley_cat:

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