Breath of the Wild War Stories


I feel like we should have a place to share our war stories from this incredible game!

Be it ways of how we fought some enemies, to how we broke a shrine, or how we somehow used a lightning storm to clear out a camp while sneaking around.

I can’t wait to hear y’alls stories!


The blood moon shrine was my 120th.

TWO HOURS of sitting by the thing doing a rest -> loading screen -> rest … cycle until I got one.


This happened to a friend of mine, but I did see some of it happen!

It was a blood moon and for the first time, she decided to skip the cut scene! And then even in-game hour on the hour, the cut scene played again. And every time the cut scene would play, all of the enemies would respawn again. Every single time. This happened about three or four times.

And it happened again a second time and during that weird glitch fest it was raining so she couldn’t build a bondfire and wait the night out.


One moment that stuck out for me was an early encounter with a Yiga ‘traveler’ assassin. It was not my first, but they still weren’t super easy for me to dispatch. It was a dramatic moment – it was raining, there were mountains on either side of us.

The would-be hero-killer raised his weapon… and got struck by lightning and died, and I laughed, and it was amazing.


I have a fairly short but kinda silly encounter.

I just crossed the kakariko bridge and was climbing the nearby rock to scope out the landscape a little better. on my way back down I was trying to land on my horse with my glider but I landed right behind it. As soon as I landed three to chu chu’s popped up and my horse kicked me in the face. #thanksBusto


In my umpteenth run at Eventide Island (found it early in the game when I only had ~6 hearts and no Divine Beast abilities), I was scoping out the monster camp at the top of the ridge and trying to figure out the best angle to attack when I noticed the Moblin’s sword sparking. Watched in awe as lightning cleared out the entire camp for me on what ended up being the winning run.

That was the second time I realized just how detailed and comprehensive the physics of the game were. The first time was right after I jumped off the Great Plateau, ran into my first Moblin, and thought that a fire arrow might do more damage than regular ones.

Nope, just set its club on fire, which it promptly used to slam Link into the afterlife.