Bright is a fun movie


The cast in general saves it and it was pretty fun overall. Nothing groundbreaking but I’m surprised at how unkind the reviews were now.

I’m excited that Netflix has already green-lighted a sequel, because I’d love to see this same cast of folks and setting but not written by Max Landis. As the film’s one weakness is that any time any racial politics are brought up in the movie it becomes super clear that it was written by a young rich white guy. Also while writing this and seeing all of the accusations Max Landis has received over the past day, I of course hope he never works again.

The movie’s very similar to Shadowrun, but a lot of things in the movie make it seem like it began life as an attempt at an official film instead of just being a ripoff. It feels like a really specific point in that game’s setting where history was our normal history, then crazy shit reawakened, and thing are kinda sorta slowly going back to “normal.” The way the magic worked felt really reminiscent too wherein in Shadowrun only 5% of the entire world’s population is able to do magic stuff at all, and for a lot of folks if you don’t have access to a group of people or a space to train or whatever doing any of that is less something you learn and more something you experiment with a ton until you figure out how to not blow up everything you try to do magic at.

It’s a big part of the cynicism (and absurdity) of Shadowrun though that all of this crazy shit went down and, buddy I got to get to work I got mouths to feed shut up with all this dragon shit. They nailed that for sure and the lack of cyberpunk elements kind of helps the film in that respect.

The disjointed bits reminded me of my own Shadowrun games that I’ve run but not necessarily in a good way. Like hey life happens so we don’t get to play for a while, or someone can’t make it so their character isn’t around during a pivotal moment, the players weren’t having fun with a particular plot thread so they end up going off to do something totally different. The action scene in the convenience store was the exact kind of clusterfuck combat scenario you’d get in the game too.

Upon further reading it seems the script was completely rewritten from the ground up at one point, so I guess that explains that, there’s one particular thread and character that’s built up a lot in the first act of the movie that…just sort of vanishes.

I’m glad Max Landis’ career is hopefully, finally, at least, toast now.

I am surprised to see some reviews calling this the worst film of 2017 though, this isn’t even the worst film of 2017 in its own genre (CHiPS came out earlier this year and is embarrassing). Anyway it’s a mediocrely written movie good world building and the cast completely carries and saves it.


I feel like this is less “one weakness” and more “a fundamental reason this movie shouldn’t have been made”


good joke op. really good character piece.


How many seasonal ales should one drink before watching Bright. Asking for a friend.


probably half of the pack. Just to be safe while also speaking from experience.


I’d advice an intervention instead of alcohol.
Had to turn it off after 25min because I was getting way too angry.
Go play Shadowrun. Fuck Bright.


My wife went with straight whiskey, I did one part black sambuca to two parts heavy cream because I was out in the cold most of the day and mixing those together produces a creamy anise drink that also gets a flat blue-ish color exactly like Star Wars milk.


I can’t understand this opinion without numbers and scales. Might even need some weighting.


I haven’t seen it but I give it 4 out of 5 fairy lives which don’t matter


Someone actually thought this was good:


I think you mean the hero of our time


The Academy should change its qualification rules so that Bright can be Ayer’s second Oscar Award Winning Film™ after Suicide Squad.


OOkay I watched it. I tweeted this…

“Here is my Bright review: 30 minutes of irresponsible racial politics followed by an hour and a half of a trash-tier Shadowrun campaign.”

It’s a bad movie. I don’t think cutting the first thirty out would fix it. I did find the middle sections of the movie to be mostly passable. Not good in any sense of the word but just kinda… inoffensive b-tier action movie stuff?

Hopefully the sequel gets a much better writer.

I’m… going to go finish Recovery of an MMO Junkie to cleanse myself now


But…how many seasonal ales?


I watched it sober :weary:


Epic self-own imo.


I am hopped up on DayQuil because I’ve got a bad cold so I thought beer might be a bad idea.

But also, yeah, I def owned myself by watching this movie. >.>


Kind of wondering if the sequel will still have the same screenwriter now that Max Landis has been outed as a sexual harasser.

Also this is fascist and bad and I never want to play Shadowrun with Max Landis ever


“We should have been firemen” is a line that is true and actually made me chuckle. Also the film should have ended there and not dragged on another 15(?) minutes.


Thank you, because I was wondering what I would have to do to make something close to that horrifying concoction.