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I’m an expat currently living with my girlfriend in Poland.

Whilst the pain is numbed by not being on The Island this whole brexit thing really is the last thing I needed as somebody that would like to continue the priviledges of being in the EU.

I have a flicker of hope that at some point we’ll decide as a nation that this is a bad fucking idea and not do it. However currently it’s like watching the slowest car crash in the world.

You know what as well, referendum’s aren’t even legally or constitutionally binding, with “Leave” winning by such a small margin they should have either:

  1. Said no we’re not going to do it
  2. Had another referendum
  3. Fired Bojo, Gove and Farage in to the Sun (and for that matter every copy of The Sun)

Edit: Although I also have to say watching the political battle royale (The Blair Knight Rises) is quite entertaining sometimes, complete chaos.


At least you don’t have an orange rejected Jim Henson creation as your leader.

Unfortunately there is a lot of overlap in policies and platform between the leaders. Overt demonisation of a religious minority and migrants, opposition to the independent judiciary, love of private corporations (especially when destroying public services and paying for private firms to run detention centres), removal of human rights (inc labour right) and environmental protections, slogans without substance. There’s a gap but mainly via inertia (we already had a popular strong universal healthcare so destroying it will take years; labour rights and environmental protections are currently locked to EU standards; reproductive justice is only severely restricted in one devolved country in the union and recent attempts to turn opinion via heavy reporting of racialiased “sex selective abortion” etc haven’t found enough public support to destroy the feminist base) - the end goals look very similar.

May has a baseline competence and ability to not just randomly dump uninformed garbage as the reply to every question, but that really does just make her a more competent Trump (who has done the unthinkable by chaining those debate performances to a platform racist and sexist enough to make enough people ignore that he was clearly incapable of the job and apparently not even aware this was obvious every time he made a statement).

It’s pretty rough. Are the Tories committed to making every summer divisive and miserable? What’s next year? Another snap election for good measure?

I think the idea that May has a baseline level of competence gives her rather too much credit. Certainly she has that reputation but it seems to me totally unearned.

Leaving the actual policies and views aside, she fumbles her way through most basic questions with stock answers which frequently amount to nonsense, and certainly gives me no confidence that she has any real grasp of the issues.


I work in the public sector. Everything is on fire.


Ye, that’s fair. But in a Trump vs May comparison then I think there’s a world of difference.

I could believe that May is a baseline competent (authoritarian) human being who is just bad at public speaking when not going from a script and so attempts to (badly) roll that into question answers etc without having the mental tools to be good at it on the fly. Also knows that the PR team say that a vapid, slogan-heavy presentation is all that is required to progress and so is a risk-averse strategy.

Go back and watch the presidential debates or just scan over any of the recent interviews - Trump seems genuinely unaware of what is expected of politicians or even just professional adult conversations. The only reason anyone has ever listened to him in any meeting is because he walks into the room backed with a huge inherited wealth and presumably some competent operators who pull strings when required to steer the ship.

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can the queen wait to die until after the election. thanks.

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Yeah, cause the left have a great track record of winning elections in the Labour Party.

Corbyn is a mess on Brexit.

Seems apropos, brexit is a mess. Frankly, the Labour party was doing a perfectly adequate job of losing elections before Corbyn became leader, and the framing that any failure of his can only be read as a wholesale indictment of leftism is questionable. I think that when it comes to Corbyn, everyone just sees what they want to see, for good or ill.

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Mm. It’s not that Corbyn isn’t a disappointment. He is, in all kinds of ways. But the idea that Labour’s problems end (or even really begin to end) by getting rid of him seems naive.

I wrote an email to my Labour MP who was one of the ones who voted against Article 50 and I generally quite like her. And the question I was putting was basically what’s next?

I knew she wouldn’t really be able to answer it when in election mode but that’s what I’m really interested in. Assuming Labour lose out big next month. Assuming on the back of that Corbyn goes. What then?

Because if the answer is (as I fear) a distancing from the left, then once again they’re gonna have learned all the wrong lessons from their failure.

If that’s where we’re at I’d almost be happier if the whole party disintegrates and something more effective rises out of its ashes, but the idea is not a big comfort when we need an opposition right NOW.


Make sure to vote today! Council elections often have a very small turnout so your vote can make a big difference.

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I’m unlucky enough to live in a town with an elected Mayor, there’s a guy running as an independent who is making all sorts of wild claims about building theme parks and stuff I would not be surprised if he promised a monorail.

My heart says he’s absolutely going to win

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Vote Labour, prepare for the worst.

I’m completely pessimistic about the chances of a Tory loss at this point, but the fight still needs to be fought.

My only glimmer of hope for the next few years is that, through Brexit, they’re going to fuck themselves as much as they’ll be fucking us. Well, maybe not quite as much, but still. Gotta get your schadenfreude where you can, amirite?

TBH i would add a caveat. Vote for whoever in your consitituency has the best chance to beat the Tories, if that is Labour vote Labour, but if your Lib Dem or Green candidate has a better chance of beating the Tories vote for them.


This is absolutely the way to go. Be smart, be tactical. Unless it’s UKIP you have a moral duty to vote for the person with the best chance of outing the Tories. It sucks that our electoral system works this way but what can ya do?


All May’s greatest achievements appear to have come from saying and doing literally nothing. Whenever she tries to take decisive action it is a complete disaster.

I guess when she doesn’t act or speak people project the best of their own ideas onto her.

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I think this is the best advice, but I also think that it’s a real shame that this is the best advice.

I grow really weary of political systems that promote tactical voting, where instead of choosing who we align with most, we’re constantly trying to avert the completely disastrous choice instead.

It’s really hard for me to get excited about a tactical vote, and it feels like I’m being PART of the problem with FPTP by doing it. But it’s a bit prisoner’s dilemma, you can only risk not tactical voting if everyone else agrees not to do that as well. And obviously that won’t happen, so it’s a bind.

So I’m pretty much resigned to tactical voting and hoping somehow reform gets back onto the agenda despite the mess that was made of it a few years back.

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I feel like Labour actually want to lose this election because they are very conscious that Brexit is going to be a massive disaster for the country, probably break up the united kingdom and generally cause much heartache, misery, poverty and death. The people who are in favour of it now will either die of old age or turn against it as they watch their grandchildren starve and it will render whatever party pushed it through unelectable for a generation, maybe more. A new Iraq many times over, harming every British family.

Labour don’t want to be the party to push that through, but they can’t stand against it because they are so terribly frightened of UKIP and they seem to have no understanding at all of how they got into this situation.

Of course assuming they have a strategy, no matter how ridiculous and destructive to the nation, may well be pure wishful thinking.