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Because the person in charge of choosing the audience is a far right zoomer.


Well, that makes sense. The fact that it’s allowed to continue is horrific.


I mean, they’re entitled to their political outlook, but it seems like there’s literally no outcome that will convince them that maybe they got it wrong.


There’s zero humility is there? Pointless vestigial skinflap Crispin Blunt is going with: ‘The electorate got it wrong’


The people have become enemies of the people, apparently.



Haven’t a few of the naysayers come out and admitted they were wrong? Well, Owen Smith has, but I assume there are others. There have been times since Corbyn’s election where the outlook was genuinely bleak, so I don’t think non-Corbynites should be blamed for having had concerns (not to defend any active sabotage that prevented him from achieving even better results this week).

In any case, for the sake of a healthy democracy I hope this encouraging performance brings the Labour party together.


They have, but I’m still seeing a lot of “anyone else would have done better” on social media. And chalking it up entirely to the Conservatives’ poor showing. Hopefully at least the MPs are behind him now.


Think it’s hard to take in what a shift we saw in that swing in the popular vote from 30% support to 40% in just two years. Seats with over 20% swings (ten thousand people) to produce a never-before local Labour MP. That’s the end of talking about wasted votes and only marginals counting. Find friends who didn’t register before and get them to fill in the tiny form now so they’re ready for the next election whenever the current minority government collapses.


It’s almost like there are no safe seats any more and there never were and the whole idea was based on profoundly undemocratic assumptions.

Except where I live, obviously. That’s 100% safe.

The smart* money is on another election this year ( very short odds ) and also Theresa May being ousted by Lord Buckethead ( very long odds.)

*Offer does not constitute a guarantee.


There are certainly no safe seats with a high student population.


lmao Clive Lewis absolutely not fuckin around


Mm, just revisiting this from just after the election was called.


That is delicious.

On a similar note, this was the other thing I really savoured last week:


Unfortunately not, first past the post is still a monumentally awful system which in a lot of cases still requires tactical voting. A couple of big upsets is not the same as safe seats straight up not existing any more. Electoral reform has still got to be a big priority to be honest. Even if it might give UKIP a couple of seats, it releases the unfair Tory advantage a fair bit.

Fucking brutal, I love it!


absolutely infuriated and saddened. all landlords are bastards.


Saw this on Twitter and it sums it up better than I could.


No one does sad face like Nick Clegg. Still got a lot of respect for him.


Tim Farron has resigned.


anyone else still riding the exit poll high? i keep remembering it coming out and getting a little pick me up