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I almost danced for joy when i saw the exit poll. Still find it hilarious how badly this has gone for the tories. The momentum is on labours side now! It’s exhilarating.



(Video embed of statement) And so we see yet another step the Tories have taken to destabilise and make weaker the UK in their thirst for personal power and profits. Any principled Tory would resign the whip, their supporters refuse to vote for such naked and damaging opportunism.


It’s so weird seeing articles lamenting how Tim Farron resigning over not being able to reconcile his faith and his politics is bad ‘because you should be able to be religious and political’ or whatever, acting like he’s being persecuted for being religious, like no one’s saying he shouldn’t be a Christian, we’re just saying he shouldn’t hate gay people and women so much.


Agreed. The idea that you cannot be a christian and a liberal politician is insulting to the millions of christians like myself who do not believe that gay sex is a sin and are pro-choice.


Fucking LUL!


T h e b o y

The number of libertarians I’ve seen screaming about this is unreal


I sometimes think libertarians are the worst of all. Because I think that they really believe they’re your* friend, and that your insistence that they’re not your friend and actually the opposite of any use whatsoever is just because you’re not able to logic as well as them. It’s so patronising.

*minorities, the oppressed, etc


This is all part of Corbyn’s master plan to undermine capital’s fascination with the London housing market and bring down house prices for all in the city. Big thinking :thinking:


This is it
The worst take I’ve ever read


This is pretty bad yeah lol I realized pretty quickly that this is peak liberal take: coming off as patronizing by shifting the goalpost towards “rational” thinking that has absolutely no correlation with the situation at hand. It happens all the time : “Democracy is better than ever”, “Sweatshops are actually good”.

They like to think of themselves above the pack, throwing inconvenient truth bombs, going against the currents, etc. The most infuriating kind of takes.


If you’re at all familiar with the 80’s-90’s Star Trek shows, you might get this: libertarians are Ferengi who think they’re Vulcans.

Also, regarding Tim Farron again:

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael criticised the media for repeatedly questioning Mr Farron on the subject.

“To be asked once would have been legitimate, to be asked time after time after time in the way that Tim was - I think that does have an element of bullying in it,” he said.

Yeah, asking someone why he thinks gay people are sinful and why women’s bodily autonomy is morally wrong is bullying, the straight christian man is so oppressed!


The statistics that I’ve seen repeated, time and again:

They spent £10 million on “refurbishments” to that tower block.
The difference between the cladding they used and a fireproof one was £5000.
Not £5000 a floor, TOTAL.
That’s 9p a resident.

So if anyone ever says to you “what’s wrong with capitalism?” - there’s your answer: it doesn’t even value a life at more than 9p.



What do the English duders on this thread think of this article?


I took the time to listen to the first session of the parliament out of my day, Corbyn’s 30 minutes speech has been an absolute bulldozer leaving the conservatives in shambles acting up like a bunch of toddlers. He actually went and named a few politicians with corporate interests behind privatization measures and lack of high-rise regulations. It was so scathing the Tories raised points of orders just to shut his streak down making even further fools of themselves.

As much as Corbyn did questionable decisions during his time as leader, he is as clear-headed as he will ever be now and should definitely keep up the work to make everyone accountable for the failure of public institutions.

Here’s the video :


Authoritarian regime who two years ago were caught using cash to buy a national election, calling into question claims of a democratic process in the country, are again facing questions about funding propaganda campaigns that are banned under the rules for supposed free and fair elections.


I fear, like last time, nothing will come of this.


I like Jeremy Corbyn but he is so out of touch with Scotland it is unreal.

Also, I don’t understand how he can support the end of British rule in Northern Ireland but be a total unionist when ot comes to Scotland.


Scottish Labour are awful in that way that a truly entrenched party who simply expected the voters to automatically follow them no matter how terrible they are often is. I remember an account of Plaid winning the control of Rhondda council, much to everyone’s surprise, and when they went to the mayoral house they found it set up for a victory party that cost a huge chunk of the council’s budget. Labour had just assumed that everyone would stick with them forever.

Just with the Tories in this part of the world, I feel as though it’s always bad for any party to get too entrenched, they should never feel entirely safe, it lets them get complacent.


Corbyn just sacked some shadow ministers for doing the exact same thing as Kezia Dugdale has been saying.

I. Don’t. Understand. The. Labour. Party.


It’s impossible to have consistency between two sides of a party in a devolved system. If it was possible, there wouldn’t be a need for devolution.