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Bringing up the UN reminds me that I don’t think we’ll ever fully acknowledge just how awful May’s tenure as Home Secretary was for many vulnerable people in our society in particular LGBT migrants who suffered under some of the most vicious incompetence I’ve ever read about from a government bureaucracy.


How many “young Tory” groups have collapsed now?


i like to hope we will but then i remember like, a lot of people forget shit like section 28 (and its long shadow) when talking about thatcher

i know there are organisations trying to forefront that shit and stem the tide of Liberal Bullshit about how Women In Power Are Innately Progressive but it feels like a losing battle sometimes idk


By my count that’s 123 fewer far-Right councillors, 33 fewer Rightists, 75 more Centrists, and 85 more Leftists than we had a week ago.

And the commentariat are, on the whole, absolutely losing it; trying to paint this as anything other than a step to the Left by the electorate. That “wait, are you meant to be parroting Tory propaganda as if it’s true” questioning is only intensifying as people see clear results and the reporting tries to focus on “but why didn’t Corbyn win more?”, “surely this means everyone voted against Brexit, although last week we told you Corbyn was actually peak Brexit because we wanted to try and suppress the pro-EU Labour vote”, and so on.

How long until the Tories collapse under the weight of a Brexit they can’t square with their promises, a DUP they can’t control, and no majority to work with? Imagine what things would be like if the Blairites actually remembered they were Labour MPs and acted like it rather than trying to reenact their repeated lost leadership battles (which the Labour party, now almost 600k strong from a slump of under 300k in recent years, has no interest in revisiting).


It’s so bizarre how the right in this country think that the BBC is biased against them.


British Waypointers, especially those in London, I advise, implore, request, and beg that you attend the March For A New Deal For Workers, spearheaded by the TUC and my union the CWU tomorrow, starting at Embankment. I’m working so I can’t be there, but if you’re able and you support the rights of workers everywhere, please please please go, thank you all!


As temporary relief to the depressing mess that is UK politics, I’d like to share this amazing portrait of Sheffield’s new Lord Mayor, Magid Magid.

Edit to add photographer credit: (@snappersaunders)


Does anyone have any recommendations for good UK political podcasts? I’ve been listening to Citations Needed and it’s superb, just wish I could find something similar to listen to that has a UK focus.


All this Royal Wedding bullshit is the wooooorst and I hate that so many people treat it as this fun celebrity pageant. The Royal Family are inherently harmful to this country.


Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but Novara Media’s podcast(s) are often pretty good.


Ugh totally. I’m South Asian so anytime people bring that shit up I’m like have you seen the color of my skin? Maybe address the awful history of colonialism and then we’ll talk about how pretty Megan’s dress is.




New Statesman Podcast might be along the lines of what you’re looking for.


Erm, considering the rotating carousel of (usually politely spoken) anti-trans extremists that make up the-bad-NS (commissioning editor to contributors/regular columnists) - kinda taints everything they produce. Not to say that comes through on every topic but it’s certainly made it impossible for me to continue to consume anything from the-bad-NS (vs the-better-NS).

As mentioned above, Novara have podcasts plus I’ll add (at the comedy end):


in addition to the NS’s deeply embedded transphobia, their political editor George Eaton is a huge dipshit who gets things wrong constantly. Stephen Bush is probably the only person there who isn’t constantly tripping over his own ass


Sure, I’ve definitely noticed some dodgy writers at the NS, but the main presenters of the podcast are decent enough. I certainly haven’t heard anything shitty on it.

Edit: wrt to the above post, Stephen Bush is half of the podcast crew. The other presenter, Helen Lewis, seems to be generally considerate and reflective.

Considering Vice’s position as a public company even Waypoint probably has ties to fishy money.


Helen Lewis has an illustrious history of being shitty about trans people and sex workers and if she’s continues to commission people like Sarah Ditum and Julie Burchill then there’s no reason to believe that she’s changed on that front.

I don’t think anyone was questioning NS’s sources of funding, I’m quite happy to believe that their underlying ideologies came together as naturally, or at least as naturally as they can in the UK’s weird tiny media circles.


Hey, just wanted to drop in on this. The mod team would like folks to be mindful about Rule 1 (particularly the clauses around “Don’t put marginalized people in the position of having to explain or defend their marginalization. It is not their job to educate you. Do your own research.”) in regards to this discussion. The handling of trans issues by the New Statesman, particularly Lewis in her capacity as an Assistant and, later, Deputy Editor, is a topic we would encourage folks to go in and do their own research on rather than leaning on “seems to be” assertions.

We don’t want to squelch the discussion, but please be aware that we are looking at this from a Rule 1 perspective.


the trans issues mentioned alone have consisted of a many, many years long attempt at undermining any sort of capacity to discuss progress wrt to rights in the UK to the extent of outright opposition to legal reforms to improve people’s lives.

not only that but she originally came to my attention as a huge asshole when she published ads for gay cure “therapy” in her paper and went on a long tirade about how actually it was a good thing because if she didn’t do it then a more popular magazine would do it and also “why can’t the gays leave me alone”.


As “Conversion therapy” is a theme in the anti-trans concern-trolling pieces published (and strongly promoted by HLew) there, it’s not shocking that they’d also push the original variant.

Greer, Bindel, Ditum, Criado-Perez, Lewis, Glosswitch - contributors (and regularly defended “icons” in editorials when they’re not writing themselves): every single one of them espouses some extremely violent views on trans women (sometimes keeping it to social media, sometimes making it the thrust of columns).

The least damning thing* you can say about this media circle is that they often traffic in concern-trolling in their articles. The majority of their anti-trans stuff is wrapped in that Jesse Singal/Alice Dreger style “oh, I’m just reporting the contested science” stuff. UwU I was reading it wrong and maybe we shouldn’t elevate child abusing conversion therapists as heroes of science being attacked by an evil trans cabal!

* ie ignoring the worst of their social media output (much of which is now deleted after several purged their old posts recently) and leaked comments they’ve made in private chats that are used to initiate new “media feminist” writers into the clique and ensure everyone knows the script (yes, documentation of how new writers are radicalised or rejected by people who commission for the supposed centre-Left UK publications). Just looking at articles, published debates, and official interviews.