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Duly noted, and my apologies for not being aware of these specific issues. I’ll have a wee read and be more cautious of the NS in future.


We killed ours too early and since then they’ve been incredibly canny at staying relatively in their lane. Can’t see us ever being arsed enough to get rid of them now apart from maybe Charles pissing everybody off.


She was immediately horrible in the aftermath of Genderquake as well I think. Apart from the terrible TERF politics of the New Statesman it’s worth considering how generally rubbish and Blairite the publication is. A complete waste of effort in the modern political scene.


The SSP gives a good rundown of why the whole institution is terrible.


In better UK news, one less racist in the Labour party (why he is indefinitely suspended and not kicked out years ago is still something the NEC should think about and tweak current policy so it can’t happen again, no matter who you’re a political ally of).


Hold on, I’m no Livingstone fan, but all I can dig up about him being racist is stuff he’s said about Israel. Some of it hyperbolic, sure, but none of it strikes me as antisemitic, including the stuff in the article (and I’m coming from a place where people are very eager to believe pro-Palestinian leftists are antisemites). Am I missing something? Given that a leading Blairite and a baroness are the two people cited as approving of this, I’m having strong doubts the expulsion is something to celebrate.


Stems from this (Ken will always accept a request for comment on this topic and veers well beyond pro-Palestinian rhetoric):

His body of comments (repeatedly tying Jewish identity to affluence & Rightist ideology; baiting Jewish reporters who work for (crypto-)fascists; etc) makes it hard to give anything other than a dog-whistle reading to them. With the most charitable reading, he is unserious about the Holocaust and delights in using his fame to spread that view.


Great minds etc.:


He compared a substantial group of Jewish people to Hitler, like even if he meant it in a very small ideological area, it’s still an incredibly insensitive thing to do, especially when you consider that “Zionism” can have such varied meaning to different people, from simply believing that it is important for Jewish people to have a place where they can always seek refuge, given basically the entirety of their history with oppression, up to supporting everything the current far right government their does. And when it was pointed out that it was incredibly insensitive, inaccurate, and outright antisemitic, his defence was to simply repeat it.


Anybody here listen to the Reel Politik Podcast?


Normal democracy, not at all a corporate-authoritarian alliance with a revolving door between the various engines of this austerity-forcing cabal.

Although the 2020 campaigns will involve branded, native and advertorial pages, along with public debates hosted by the Standard, the six partners have also been promised the Standard will carry “money-can’t-buy” positive news and “favourable” comment pieces that will appear to readers as routine, independently written editorial.


I hate to describe anything as British but a Tory towel folder turned Chancellor parachuting into editorship of a London newspaper selling positive news to huge companies (and likely facing no consequences) is incredibly British


Just started, and boy howdy do they need some audio help.


Yeah, thats true.


You are not alone watching this trash fire out the window of my monitor a little lost how to fix anything bar nuking it all (and us with it) from orbit…

Feels like an era of “children of men” is coming but with higher birthrates.

Tbh don’t really feel any political party elected will make it better at this point but can see how the current state of play will continue to get worse as it stands


I’m more in it for the politics than the film stuff, but they’re alright. Not quite as funny as Chapo, but they seem less shitty personally as well, if a little too self-satisfied. I am picking up British media figures to hate though, so I guess the Chapo analogue goes that far at least.


My biggest problem is how sectarian they can be. Labour is the be all and end all for them even if it means shitting on Scottish Socialist Party or RISE or whoever.


On the subject of UK politics podcasts, ‘We Don’t Talk About the Weather’ are pretty cool, barring their tendency to get stuck in complaining at length about UK media personalities, mainly spite motivated opinions about Brexit and sometimes becoming very loud with little warning.
‘Off the Fence’ is good, they’re similar to Reel Politiks with slightly better sound and more chill but haven’t done an episode for over a month.
Desolation Radio is also pretty good, though extremely Wales centered.


Ungagged is a podcast I listen too when at work since I have long nightshifts. It’s Scotland based but pretty international. I suppose it’s more like an audio zine than it is a regular podcast tho.


For sure, and also how Jack thinks he has any grounds to criticise other people’s music tastes, he actually described Tom Watson’s taste as like dad rock, but he’s constantly banging on about 60’s and 70’s stuff and he likes Oasis. Like he can like what he wants, but come on lad.