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The SNP’s slow slide to the right or I guess the centre is very depressing. The SNP’s big turn to the left was in part made against Thatcher and then solidified because of Labour’s turn to Blairism (and that Scottish Labour was and continues to be utterly useless) but now they seemed to have decided that they can’t out-left Corbyn so they will instead try to out Lid Dem the Lib Dems. I want an independent Scotland but I have no interest in it just being North Briton. The fact that the majority of the Yes voters are working class as shown by again by recent polls and that every pro-independence party is on the left proves that there is room for a non-Labour pro-indy socialism. Hopefully, the Greens can start pushing them again.


May I present to you; The Tory Party


Takes on the SNP walking out of Westminster?


I’m pretty sure I have posted this before but here is a good Scottish politics site:


Oh cheers for that link! I’ll confess I hadn’t even heard of what happened with the SNP… gonna catch myself up a bit.


Tesco Value Trumpism. :frowning_face:

Edit: obviously this isn’t brand new territory for the GOP (as mentioned in the NPR link) but in terms of a crass, unrefined message and lack of communication / discussion with diplomatic partners, this is being handled in the Trump style.

As we see the parallels between Yarl’s Wood etc and the larger US scandal this week, we should also look to the parallels in this series of announcements. It’s instructive to look at Trump through the lens of the slightly less abrasive but ideologically extremely aligned May/Johnson/etc. The plain calls to abolish human rights and creating lies about fictional events to act as examples and justifications for policy changes.

Trumpism is saying the quiet parts loud. Tesco Value Trumpism is the cheap knockoff that’s somewhat less loud and brash but still in no way actually saying the quiet parts quiet for anyone who cares to listen.


The UK fucking sucks



characterising rw ideologies with an incredibly long history as “trumpism” is kind of obscene zionism did not spring fully formed from the head of trump



I quit my membership last year before the election but walking out of parliament is the best thing they’ve done since.


This is a pretty long / in depth look at the last 10 years. Suffice to say it is not good as we probably all intrinsically knew. But to know that, for instance, average life expectancy has decreased in the last 10 years, and that this is the longest period of dropping median income since the Napoleonic wars (and only because that’s when records began) puts it into stark(er) contrast


“But why don’t you go to big Pride events in the UK?”

I mean, on top of Pride organisers who work with police and even let them march, making things less safe for marginalised queer people, and seem more concerned with appeasing corporate sponsors rather than actually supporting queer people.


All of this fucking sucks


I recently started listening to We Don’t Talk About the Weather, and I didn’t realise they were local lads! Good to hear some left wing stuff in the UK that ain’t exclusively Labour, even if I am very pro-Labour.


Urgh screw this, these people keep hijacking LGBT spaces and it’s infuriating. Good to see the Lib Dems standing up against it though, despite my issues with them in the past they’re still a decent force in England.


I’m not sure I’d call them decent, but this one thing is good at least. I feel like the membership is much further to the left than the MPs though, to be fair.


I am always on the lookout for leftist podcasts so I’ve just added We Don’t Talk About The Weather and Dissident Island Radio to the list.


Sure is a lot of politics on this humid Monday morning.

“Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary, becoming the third minister in 24 hours to walk out of the government rather than back Theresa May”

The Brexit fans have actually walked away.

Strong and Stable does it!


Boris, David Davis, Steve Baker all resigned. I wonder if there will be more.