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The posturing just three days ago where May wanted to do an iron lady is quite something.

Cut back to right now:


Let the whole thing crumble


Congratulations to soon-to-be PM Rees-Mog


The best thing about the taxi cards is that apparently the company had gone bust. Always doing their research


This has all been amazing and terrifying. I hope there’s a general election that would be lovely but I imagine a leadership contest is more likely.

Hunt as foreign secretary though… That’s shit.


In a couple of weeks I’ll be moving to Hersham, meaning the new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will be my MP. I guess at least that means I’ll be able to vote against him next time around, though much like most of Surrey it’s a pretty Tory area so it’d be more of a gesture than anything else.


He is the personification of failing upwards.


That was half the cabinet, Hunt, Johnson, Gove etc. It has been a mess since day 1 of this government. The brexiteers have just waited till the last moment to jump ship and sharpen their knives, self serving bunch of twats


People who are coasting – it should be easier to let them go, to give the unemployed a chance. It is a delicate balancing act, but it should be decided in favour of the latter.


lets do another general election babey, i’ve got its-coming-home energy to spare that i can channel straight into bags-of-cans-for-the-absolute-boy energy, if we can harness it then there’ll be a labour majority guaranteed


I’m surprised that Theresa May hasn’t promoted Jess Phillips to a position in cabinet.


Obviously I’d infinitely rather have Labour government but Brexit will still be an absolute shit show regardless. Why can’t we have an opposition that is offering a second referendum and trying to make it clear austerity is what is actually doing this country in.

Also: What an opposition.


The biggest anti-Brexit parties are the SNP then the Lib Dems.


What is a second referendum meant to achieve? Another period of extreme racism during another campaign of misinformation? (Remain is also explicitly a racist platform as it was campaigned for - delineating between the “good” EU migrants and the “bad” ones who wash up on the coast, with the EU leadership siding with the fascists in saying that’s how it should be.)

#FBPE are in every way an even worse #TheResistance #ImWithHer, dominated by the voices of those who haven’t really felt the effects of austerity and some who have actually backed it (as part of a neoliberal “belt tightening” nonsense about efficiency) - as the LibDems did in power. There is no genuine concern for the marginalised that comes from that place, only the realisation that actually the comfortable middle class will also be hit by the results of the most likely outcome of a deal around leaving the EU and so suddenly they’ve got a personal stake.

Austerity is a political choice. The current political orthodoxy is that we always have money for new wars - the problem is not an inability to find money but to allocate it where actually needed (the BofE can find a lot of money extremely quickly to try and stabilise Sterling, as they did immediately after the referendum outcome was announced). Just as austerity is a political choice, so the “inevitability” of the harm of an economic downturn from any form of Brexit being mainly on the shoulders of those with the least, on the universality of the NHS, etc is a political choice. We can simply not choose that. With the right leadership, we must not choose that.

The UK is a rich nation, even with the last decade of austerity-based economic decline. Even after a Brexit decline, the UK would still be one of the richest nations on the planet. The issues with NHS funding and actually paying to ensure the basic needs of people who live here has always been the lack of political will to actually tax people making more money than they need here and the selling off of our national infrastructure to profiteers who then rent it back to us at an obscene markup. The Tories will never fix those problems because they view them as a feature (enabling their mates to become the profiteers), not a flaw.

A LibDem party who flew in and offered the same centrist/3rd way politics of Tony Blair or their Coalition Right-wing voting record would do nothing to change the disastrous path we are on. Not everything is just about Brexit. Even if they had some magic salve to avoid the turmoil of any step to ignore the 52:48 extremely split vote (followed by now years of just fueling that divide) and cancel Brexit in a day, we’d still have infrastructure as robbery and an NHS being forced into economic crisis by ever-decreasing real-terms per person spending (and endless administrative reorgs on top of stealth privatisation). “The most important thing is to grow GDP and from that we can pay for all the good things you want” is a terrible lie of politicians who then grow GDP by destroying the long term sustainable economic system and ignore using any of that wealth for anything but paying off the already rich. GDP shrinking isn’t the end of the world, continuing to fail to make the economy work in the genuine pursuits of meeting all the needs of all the people is.

Labour actually have a platform that could work towards solving these issues and making an economy that actually works for the people.


It continues:

Stephen Kinnock: “it’s not the time for a general election” and “credit where it’s due, May’s chequers deal is the right thing”

Jess Phillips: “TM should hold her nerve”

Seems like every Corbyn critical Labour MP is urging May to hold on. Maybe they’re waiting for someone to grow the spine to challenge Corbyn?


We should have voided the referendum already. It was poisoned by illegal campaigning and vast amounts of dark money, regardless of the numbers the result is undemocratic and there is no mandate to be derived from it. It would be good to see the people who committed these crimes jailed for good measure but apparently the value of the corrupted referendum is beyond question regardless, it is the perfect dream and we must go ahead with the plan to live with everything being worse than it was before no matter what deal they come to. Great.

There are so many problems we need to deal with and crashing the economy straight into the ground will not make any of them easier to fix, although there is a slim chance it either puts the majority through enough pain to make them take poverty seriously or creates enough anger to get people out building barricades and things get really messy. Neither of those feels like a great option in my view, but perhaps that is because I am old and tired. Also neither is ever so likely, probably they will find more ways to turn us against one another and make the poorest suffer more as usual.


If the result’s to be overturned I think that ardent Remainers have to convince 1) Remainers who accept the result and 2) Leave voters. I don’t think the #FPBE lot are even close to convincing the former as it stands. The problem with the narrative that “the people were duped” is that people want a return to a status quo that was fundamentally not working for millions of people in Britain.


So, Trump visit’s going well, eh? Nothing controversial happening at all. Mmyep.


oh absolutely, that £30k balloon from yr da the liberal is a completely sensible use of money for the sake of protesting, and absolutely could not be used in any way more useful than this. nope.