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I’m still laughing at Nick Clegg deciding that Trump’s criticism of the World Trade Organisation is what prompted him to join the protest and not the literally dozens of genuinely heinous shit that Trump’s done.


#FBPE is such a joke, I mean, all you have to do is look at what the actual hashtag means, and it’s clear that they’re just trying to grow their following, the first two letters are Follow Back. They’re almost as bad as Scott Dworkin’s constant “RT if you agree” tweets.


(what does it actually mean?)


“Follow back, pro-EU”

Because all the 48% who voted for Remain are a singular political identity who will obviously be happy to follow each other on Twitter. It’s such a nonsense but also so precisely defines this class of politics where the only thing that matters is access to the EU market and “growing GDP” so your shares do well this year and no one comes to stick an import fee on your brand new German car.

Far-Right Tory but you like the EU trade block? My Brother!


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Yeah, like what is that gonna achieve other than a lot of people talking to other people who already agree with them?


I have no idea if this is true or just a convenient lie but: lol


Seems like something he would say tbh


Jesus Christ centrists are shit.


one of these days i’ll build together a database of shitty journalists and all the fucking garbage positions they’ve advocated for but i am trying very hard these days to be much less cynical and vindictive than i already am

hodges would have one of the longer pages


He’s such a fucking tory, it’s unbelievable. People really do think that “Labour” is just a random word they chose.


Do any of you folks frequent the politics chat in the Waypoint Discord?


How does one get to this Discord channel?


I think if you PM the Waypoint twitter account they will send you a link


Interesting developments.emphasized text


I’m not familiar with Stinger but I am deeply unsurprised about the other three Labour MPs being on this particular list.


Surely it can’t be long until this government collapses


nothing bad happens to bad people ever, i wouldn’t be surprised if they keep this shitshow churning along until the next mandated GE


It’s basically an unofficial campaign group for David Miliband fanfiction writers where they just moan every day about how Corbyn hasn’t stopped Brexit.


Sorry, what is?