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i love dan hodges bc he always finds new and interesting ways to be wrong at every political turn these last few years, its been a sight to witness


I found this response particularly infuriating:

The obsession with entrepreneurship is irritating in itself, but the person is specifically calling for the creation of “employers”; who are employers supposed to employ if not workers? Perhaps they’re saying that the ratio should be different, but regardless, employees should be informed of their rights as workers. As long as there’s anyone on that end of the equation, they will need mechanisms to protect their interests.


I would not discount this being warmed-over colonialist thinking. We can all be “employers” and entrepreneurs in a world built on millions of managers and “doers” who actually don’t do anything except extract value from the labour of unseen others (who would be elsewhere and so outside the scope of the conversation).

Also another joke in that reply is that plenty of academics are currently precarious workers on fixed-term contracts. Very much a two-tier system where some have moved far away from subsistence wages but others are full-time on well below median income (especially early-career researchers).


I actually had another paragraph where I mused over what the actual ideal scenario for these people is: is it a world fully populated by entrepreneurs factories staffed by individual contractors, each of whom supremely creatively fulfilled (and is that just the libertarian dream?); or do they accept the necessity of workers but just not consider them quite as human? Kind of like how people sneer at jobs like working for fast food chains, but happily shop there.

But I deleted it because I couldn’t really work our where I was going with it.

I also tried to tie it in to the lie that we can all work our dream jobs if we just want it hard enough, but decided that was a distraction really.

In conclusion: I think you’re probably right.


So, some dirty business took place to get those narrow votes through. (Vote pairing allows those on things like maternity leave or in hospital to agree to balance a vote on the other side and both abstain because they don’t yet have a process for proxy voting):


Can’t wait for 100% of people in England to be entrepreneurs and fucking nothing to get done.


Could someone help me get my head around the current crisis of relations between the Labour party and Jewish communities in the UK? I confess to getting most of my news from The Grauniad, and they don’t seem to say much more than Corbyn defended some ugly graffiti a few years ago and that lots of Jews are angry. It seems highly unlikely that all the anger could stem from one comment, but I don’t know where else it has all been bubbling up from (besides the obvious shit-stirring from bad faith sources).

Of course, some people have pointed out the Tory party’s abysmal record on attitudes to religious minorities, but those accusations don’t address what is going on within the Labour party.


Well you’ve got a press that’s been anti-Left for a long time (at least ever since the Third Way movement took away any main Left political party in the UK, ushering in the era of neoliberal political consensus and extinguishing any remaining mainstream Left journalism) well beyond the fact that many of the publications are openly Rightist to fascist (and reflect the views of their billionaire owners). So it’s best not to assume any good faith in reporting from any large publication on the topic as many have an editorial stance that slandering Corbyn is essential to the very survival of (the former empire of) Britain. Nothing is off limits, as the last few years have shown, and everything will be seized upon if it feels like it might gain traction.

So under an environment of sustained pressure from rising fascism (which has mainly been aimed at Muslim, Black, and Eastern European people but absolutely includes anti-Semitic hate groups that have never truly gone away since the Mosley years) there has been a lot of pressure put on the Left. But also on those targets of hate group, including Jewish people. As I believe is the case in the US, many Zionists have basically made a pact with parts of the Right to downplay low level Rightist anti-Semitism for support for Israel’s Rightist government (including pushing legislation that bans BDS and sanctions any entities found to engage in it). These will be the more establishment voices that say Labour (or specifically Corbyn) are specifically anti-Semitic; who can be relied upon by (mainly) Christian editors to provide a choice quote to downplay the anti-Zionist views of any members of the Jewish diaspora (who are far less likely to view Corbyn’s vocal support of Palestinians and long history fighting against apartheid as making him “dangerous” if given power).

The White Christians who have almost all of the power are extremely interested in fermenting a conflict along the lines of “Jewish people vs the Left” (building on Zionists vs Leftists but it’s far more than that narrow conflict) which completely ignores the fact that the same major publications dedicating their time to this were only last year busy giving a platform to anti-Semitic neo-Nazis in fluff profiles and editorials. This conflict has been generated and stoked for months and so any slight friction is turned into a massive conflict (where the Left is told that only total acceptance of the Israeli government’s platform is acceptable and Jewish people are told the Left is effectively a hidden new generation of neo-Nazis). Labour using a definition of anti-Semitism that doesn’t allow people to be expelled for the party just for stating support for Palestine is the current point of conflict.

There’s a lot of details but that’s a basic overview. This conflict has been constructed because certain elements of the White Christian elite are extremely unhappy with the potential for anything other than neoliberalism in the UK (and will fuel exactly this sort of conflict if they think that’ll help avoid PM Corbyn and push Labour back to Third Way politics). Some of the stuff Abi Wilkinson has been tweeting recently fills in some details but there is a lot of talking past each other going on and hurt on both sides (and I’ve not read anything perfect on the situation). I expect you’re aware of Jewdas and some of the other Lefty Jewish groups who have been discussing the issues.


That’s the long and short of what it looks like to me, but living in a relatively rural and remote part of the UK I don’t know anyone personally who can provide insight.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when things start to sound like a Jewish media conspiracy I feel justified in being wary.


The Telegraph is certainly very happy to only publish the people they think will harm Labour (no column inches being given over to any Jewish Leftist to talk about how they feel about the situation or about the echoes of British colonialism that may weigh heavily on any Brits looking at the history of Israel) one day and then hand over to someone (former adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May) who will whip up an anti-Semitic attack on George Soros the next.

I am perturbed by some of the chatter from some Labour members that does traffic in conspiracy theories, as if it wasn’t obvious where the actual power is (it is neither in the hands of the Left or Jewish Brits - and definitely not even close to being available to the intersection of the two). Some of that talk goes to illuminate why there is need for Labour to do better and for the Left in general to combat anti-Semitic memes and conspiracy theories that try to take hold (often built on top of some of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes such as all Jewish people being Rightists who are attracted to wealth).

It’s hard to feel the press are informative when they are only too eager to repeat the smears of a far-Right publication that called attendance of a Seder anti-Semitic.

Edit: So I think some may not be aware of exactly how bad things are over here. The Times (London) headline/social media push this morning: “Jeremy Corbyn hosted an event that compared the Israeli government to the Nazis at the House of Commons on Holocaust Memorial Day”. Except it’s a 7 year old story about noted Jewish Auschwitz survivor, Hajo Meyer, being invited. The whiplash between headline and reality is quite something (and absolutely disgusting). And this from the “respectable” end of the Rightist UK papers. There is basically no chance of finding common ground under this scale of propaganda seeking to create hostility (all while these same publications show no interest in examining their own language around “Cultural Marxism” or “the crimes of communism” - both neo-Nazi dog whistles).


Interesting to note that public commentators are now rounding on “North London geek” Ed Miliband and demanding to know why he hasn’t spoken out. I’m furious that a much-needed discussion on anti-semitism in British society has been turned into party political point scoring. Who the fuck does Ian Paisley think he is for example going on an anti-racism march? Or Tory MPs launching in while they all ignore a member of their own party calling them Islamaphobic?


Not to mention a member of Young Tories throwing around terms like Cultural Marxism.


Are you fucking shitting me?!


sadly not


i’d like to be able to both criticise the tory media for using this issue as a point scoring opportunity but also the antisemitism problem in the labour party is a problem and (this is anecdotal but) lots of jewish people i know have issues with how its being addressed/not addressed, its frustrating that we can’t have a conversation about cleaning up our own house bc the fucking torygraph is a garbage paper


So Boris is at it again.


Nice one Liam, so who did the actual negotiating for this new deal…

Oh, so this is actually just reporting on an EU trade deal that… won’t exist from the UK in 5 years or anything like because we leave that trading block in months.

So… what?