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I’m so tired of our politicians, our political parties and our political system. They are just hagfish writhing around the carcass of a dead whale somewhere in the deep abyss when all the meat is gone and only bones remain. They’re trying to govern a world that no longer exists and they don’t have the wit, knowledge or ideas to move themselves from the post-war era to the age of climate collapse.

I have no idea how we get out of this, but I am increasingly clear that it won’t be through our politicians or our media. We’re going to have to do all of it ourselves and it’s going to be a mess. Perhaps this will be the power of Brexit, to finally bring the British people to the barricades and drag us kicking, screaming and waving revolutionary banners into the 19th century.


Party time in Nottingham East.


Perfect, the shite he was spewing was ridiculous


I’m giving this thread a much-belated bump after reading this post by Edie Miller about the recent history of British feminist transphobia. Some of it I was familiar with, other elements less so; I thought it’d be worth sharing here, both as information for some of our American friends (who might not be familiar with this) and as a solicitation of people’s thoughts about it.


The UK’s pervasive social conservatism, even in left-wing spaces, is so demoralising. I’ve heard from people involved in Momentum that the kinds of views espoused by the Mumsnet lot aren’t far off from the positions taken by prominent feminists in the Labour Party.


Unfortunately it is based on a lot of outdated second wave feminism spurred on by the vicious cycle. I am amazed that Mumsnet hasn’t been recognised as a source of hate speech (regardless of the original intent) and radicalisation for TERFs (which generally ignore trans men). Labour itself does have an undercurrent of trans exclusion.

There is a strong undercurrent within British culture that trans people are acceptable targets. This isn’t just a localised issues as unsurprisingly the IT Crowd written by a prominent TERF exploits this to a T, where violence and abuse is levelled at trans women for comedy.


Probably worth bringing up specifically in relation to the article (vs what it talks about - definitely a necessary topic, one that would probably be best served by something more detailed with a publication paying for a proper long-form piece*):

[TW: transphobia in image-quote]


* eg Really digging into the history of where US and UK “3rd Wave” eras diverged and things like Greer’s '90s sainthood by the strain of UK feminism that currently sits in every editor role; how it got there via the sceptic and New Atheist movement and specifically the split due to misogyny in that movement that means some now lead primarily transphobic hate groups while those who remained lead primarily Islamophobic hate groups - both imported far-Rightist ideologies given (pretty weak) progressive cover.

The really interesting thing is when you bring in the current far-Right radicalisation forums and compare the “rational” (eg Jordan Peterson) language (“Science-y” ideology despite clearly being opposed to mainstream science) they use to the New Atheist movement back then. Talk about how we can see proto-4Chan etc radicalisation in these two distinct UK hate groups which absolutely had the same profile for attracting people who wanted to tie their identity to that framework. And then obviously we can flip back to the US to talk Jesse Singal or Alice Dreger to say the UK may be worse but there’s no shortage of people elsewhere getting plenty of extremely well paid op-eds and being taken seriously talking absolute anti-science transphobia that isn’t just part of the GOP platform or explicitly tied to evangelical funded queerphobia. That many of these hate groups use the fact that other hate groups hate them (Singal’s prominence in part from denouncing GGers; all the UK media feminists pointing to how Channers generally dislike them to show how they clearly can’t be selling a Rightist ideology despite the fact many Channers now parrot almost identical lines about “3rd Wave ruined real feminism; intersectional means bad and diluted.”).


Considering the TERF in that post is using Ingrid Pitt who was a holocaust survivor to project exclusionary and harmful views is rather uncomfortable.


What an absolute cock up it’s been this morning .


Here we - Here we - Here we fucking go

I have no words, as if this was going to go any other way.


Exactly, this was always going to be a dismal failure. I’m just angry Mcvey got to resign and pretend she has principles rather than being sacked for a breach of ministerial code.


Hey, who knows what the UN will report. The Hague may still be open for everyone involved in the systemic negligence leading to many deaths in the UK over the last decade. We can dream of actual justice being done and people held accountable for their decisions.


Oh one could only dream. If only such justice existed in this world.

Whilst im still convinced Brexit wont go ahead, I am worried about the state of the UK


I would really like this government to collapse now but I get the feeling it won’t.


i mean you’ve even got people from the United fuckin’ Nations having a look and saying jesus christ what the fuck are you doing

all tory voters seem to give a shit about is Labour borrowing too much (which the Tories are doing also, but just handing it over to G4S and Serco)


Gary Youge’s story about this countries children hits the nail on the head. In the Guardian, I’ll link it when I can


Got it here


Spot on. Nice one mate.

The country has absolutely abandoned the poor. I can lose count if I tried to work out how many people have had benefits cut for obscene reasons. And the amount of people in my community now rely on food banks to feed their kids. It’s an appalling time here


The standout line from the conference about the report for me was

People voting Tory in GE2015 and GE2017 knew exactly what they were doing. They knew what austerity was and how things like the forever delayed and destructive Universal Credit actually worked. They’re complicit. The British “far too polite” to attach social consequences for being a Tory, enjoying their finery while people starve for no reason other than ideological spite, cannot just continue along as if they’re not core to the system. We should not have reports of crisis caused by austerity-triggered refeeding syndrome.

The global community seem far too quick to label Trump an anomaly rather than looking at where his policy and rhetoric has been tested in Westminster before being deployed in the US. The move from a more modern conservatism (the horror with a smiling face, taking from Third Way rhetoric; “hug a hoodie”) back to more overt fascism - May used her first party conference as PM to single out “activist, left-wing human rights lawyers” as enemies of the people and the military as no longer restricted by the rule of law. An overt racist throughout her career, happy to back homophobic legislation.

Meanwhile the media is split between fully signed up fascists (well what would you expect from publications that have never given up their loyalty to the Blackshirts) and the sort of useless liberalism / 3rd Way fans who have never seen anyone to their Left they don’t find 1000 times more “dangerous” than skin-head neo-Nazis (especially the “dapper” kind who let their hair grow a bit and put on a suit) and now find their more regressive viewpoints repeated by Trump, because apparently the echoes of Nazism weren’t enough to make them rethink their bigotry. Compare US reactions to Trump’s “genetic testing” to the cheerleading for exactly that sort of fake science from “academics” here.


Maybe not directly related to the UK but the links Farage has should surely land him and Banks in some hot water