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So this has happened officially. Absolutely appalling


Off to a great start. Excited to see how long this lasts


I just seen this, it’s unbelievable that the mask has slipped already. Also, as they aren’t a political party they dont need to disclose their funding… Everyone’s favourite Centrist is apparently a backer, JK Rowling


Quick citation on this:

Hopefully Theresa May calls a general election so we can flush this shower out with yesterday’s rainwater.


i think i read somewhere that they’re planning to contest labour-tory marginals, rather than their current seats?? (though i can’t find a specific quote)

sooooo they’re almost certainly gonna just split the labour vote and hand the tories a few wins, i guess. hooray.


They said as much in their presser. And through running as independents. Now it’s crucial to see where 7 elected MPs recieve their funding from.

@SandwichAnarchy that must surely be the tactic, I’m a member in the constituency bordering Berger’s and she certainly wasn’t elected due to her charming personality or her Blairite politics. It’s disheartening that the CLP withdrew the 2 motions but if she attempts to run for Waventree next GE edge will have absolutely no chance

Also how can we make an official complaint about Smith’s antiquated racism?


Smith is already in the pocket of privatised water but I can’t imagine any single operating business would think this cluster fuck a worthwhile investment

otoh if a cabal of businesses recognised the fuckedness of the tories and had an obvious dislike of an at least nominally socialist Labour Party that would make sense

otooh i can absolutely believe jk rowling chucked them a couple mil lmao


What a total joke. I am sure this is a sampling from the few who want to leave but were offput by the Ummuna-Leslie personality clashes, but it is frustrating to hear about rounds of applause for a group of people who, to be as generous as possible, may have legitimate concerns but are choosing to resolve them in the most self-destructive manner possible. This comes at a moment when, for many of these MPs, they should be trying to leverage their powers of persuasion to lobby against Brexit, but they are instead consuming themselves with infighting.

Labour needs mandatory reselection so it can find itself less useless MPs. What a shower.


I’m not sure how this Independent Group lot are going to be any different from the Liberal Democrats.


They’re far more right wing so far. But that might just be because the Tory members who joined them have been far more outspoken on actual policy. But so far they are pro-low taxes for the Rich and pro-austerity.

I’ve seen the term “Neoliberal Democrats” getting thrown around a lot.


Dawn Foster has a good Jacobin piece discussing The Independent Group (which has since the last few posts brought on an additional Labour MP and three Conservative MPs):

The drift is pure delusion. A small subset of people who may once have considered themselves left-wing, but have veered to the center and right as the result of advancing age and accumulated wealth, continue to cling to the belief they constitute a far larger demographic than reality illustrates, and have the media connections to agitate and publicize their vanity projects. The Liberal Democrats show what happens when centrism reaches power, as they did in 2010 with the Tory-Lib Dem coalition government: constituting a small minority, the only positive benefit they can claim to offer is to act as the brakes on socially ruinous policies. The reality is worse: centrists are simply whipping boys for the larger party.


Are any of the TIG members from Scotland, N.Ireland or Wales or have they ever mentioned any policies for the devolved nations?


their only announced policy so far is backing the tories in a no-confidence vote so uh


Has anybody watced the Nae Parsaran! documentary? Its currently on BBC iPlayer.


I read an article about the film a while back in The Guardian and couldn’t wait to see it. Is it worth the watch?


Aye, I thought it was pretty interesting. I’d say it’s worth giving a watch.


What are folks thoughts on Corbyn now backing a second EU vote if his Lexit is voted down?


I think it’s complicated: it’s hard to tell if he would have gotten there this quickly if it hadn’t been for TIG actually happening. (On the other hand, he did always suggest that a second referendum was somewhere on his list of options, but you get the impression it’s moved several spots up since it’s been made clear to him that MPs will actually leave Labour over it - or at least, use it as an excuse to do so.)
Polling has suggested for some time that the “natural” position of Labour supporters is in favour of a second referendum (or “against what the Conservative party want out of Brexit”, and probably “against Brexit in general”.) so a more “polling-driven” leader would have changed position already, which probably says something about Corbyn. (Although nothing we already didn’t know: someone who spends his entire life as a backbencher defying the party whip to vote how he wants is obviously not someone who’s easily influenced by others.)