British Politics


(Have not fact checked this but…)


This latest round of nonsense is just proving that you can pretty much do whatever you want in parliament if you can keep political kayfabe alive, right?


I’m still trying to understand all this but if it stops May and co from brute forcing her crappy deal through at the last second then I’m for it?

I feel like maybe the best case scenario now is that the “Government” caves and works through a Lexit which would eventually result in a general election that hopefully Labour win.

I’m also pretty skeptical of a peoples vote because I’m both not sure Remain would even win and also I’m worries at how much the Right Wing would be emboldened if it did.


The other worry is that whilst Parliament have committed to not “voting” for a no deal Brexit, there has not been any changes made so that is still the default state. I can entirely see us crashing out due to lack of meaningful agreements


Yeah, the voting against a No Deal Brexit is weird because to not get a No Deal you have to make a deal and if you can’t do that then your getting a No Deal regardless if you wanted it or not.


I will also say you can here the creaking and groaning of the British parliamentary democracy when you have things like the King Henry VIII Laws, the House of Lords overturn and now this 1943 rule being used.


What do we think the odds are that there’s gonna be a GE on 2nd of May?


there won’t be another GE until the next mandated one because the tories would rather see the country burn than give up power


I hope you’re right because a GE would be chaos for the people running local elections (e.g. me), but also I’m planning on trying to get selected as a PPC, so we’ll see what happens!


honestly i’#d love to be wrong but also i’m not confident labour wouldn’t fuck it i just want to yell constantly


I feel like if May caved and used Labour’s Brexit plan it would force a GE.


sh’es not going to cave


Imagine how well Labour could be doing if the centrist MPs accepted the result of two leadership contests.


Well it’s that or a No Deal. thats pretty much the only options left now.


May technically holds the power to just revoke Article 50, doesn’t she? Although it’s incredibly unlikely that that will happen (we can only hope), it probably wouldn’t be any worse for her than any other option, right? She was shoved off a glass cliff three years ago by “winning” the Tory leadership role, she just hasn’t hit the ground yet.


I feel like just not fulfilling a referendum would be so much worse for the Tories. The Right Wing would absolutely revolt.


It’s just about holding the party together at the minute so aye I doubt she’ll revoke A50.


I feel like at this point she might be justified in revoking it and holding a second referendum as the petition is >10% of the eligible voters, the threshold for recalling an MP within a constituency and essentially overturning the previous electoral decision, it seems somewhat reasonable that the same threshold would make sense for doing the same on a national referendum? Honestly hard to say what’s right at this point, but we can all agree that this is a mess of the Tories’ making.


The media, and a lot of FBPErs, would have you believe it’s Corbyn that’s actually doing brexit. It’s the one major problem with what i think is a broadly good Labour strategy: the fact that the media will quite happily swallow any old nonsense they’re given by Tory HQ.


This scares me more than anything else, the Tories have been hijacked by the most right wing and if you didn’t already think they had sent us back to a Dickensian time, they are quite possibly going to cement it. If May offers her head to force this deal through, I pray that the country wakes up and sees that Brexit was and is nothing but Tory party politics