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I think one of the grosser side effects of Brexit is of how short it’s made everybody’s memory. Blair pipes up about how anti-Brexit he is and everybody cheers him even though the guy is an actual war criminal. Nicola Sturgeon doing schmoozy photo ops with Alastair Campbell and nobody sees the problem with that? Now everybody is cheering Oliver Letwin for the Brexit amendment even though he literally created the Poll Tax.


This is what breaks me, though. We just won’t. We have a febrile liberal-left media that isn’t willing to meaningfully critique the Conservatives in an original fashion and feels much more at home bashing Labour and, in theory, holding its own political apparatus to high standards.

Meanwhile, the rightist press are outwardly ‘common sense’ and ruthlessly ideological, willing to drive for their agenda and push the Conservatives to the right, but not without actually breaking people’s faith in the party.

I don’t think that the UK is in a position to meaningfully hold both parties to account for their behaviour. One side is dangerously obsessed with finding equivalence to the detriment of everyone around it.


The sad thing is that you’re completely right. I just hope it doesn’t prevent people fighting for a progressive socialist government.

The leftist media here is woeful. I suppose you have newer groups forming such as Novara media and it’s great to have young progressives in those roles but there seems to be little cohesion.

Somehow, the Tories managed to get parts of my family to vote for them, we are born and bred in liverpool, working class families with nothing but disgust for the Tory party and what it’s done to the city and people like us. But somehow (racism & calling Corbyn a softie) Tories managed to get at least 5 votes from family members who earn less than 25k a year but think the Tories MUST be better than Labour.

Accountability is non existent, I’ve seen next to nothing on the Grand Wizards, and I don’t doubt I’ll see maybe one Guardian opinion piece on Cultural Marxism, but it’ll just be a quick run through of what it is and how it’s a load of shite.


There’s also an engrained self-loathing of one’s class in the UK. My mum’s side is from Derbyshire and they’re all coal-mining stock, but the ones who’ve married into wealth or started their own businesses aspire to vote Tory.

My mum always used to say that voting Tory was a greater signifier of the fact that you’d made it. No idea whether that’s still the case but it was pretty mortifying to hear her tell it.


I’ve been (very slowly) making my way through Corey Robin’s The Reactionary Mind, which is a book that aims to (in short) analyse conservatism historically. I need to push through and finish it, but it is remarkablw how well it describes the UK in some ways, such as in terms of a Burkean vision of society structured into dominators and dominated, intertwined up and down throughout society.

I raise this because that really is how Britain feels sometimes. Got mine, get yours.


We all know America has a problem with “The American dream” the idea that anyone at any time can make it big, hence why you’d be anti union, low tax, etc.

But the UK is just as bad, baby boomers got nice and content with a nice pension and as they get older are generally more resistant to any change (I guess except the biggest constitutional change since joining the EU that is)



hey if you had anything riding on the a50 petition you should definitely sign and share this petition. thanks.


Shared on to my social media. Feel so unbelievably angry and impotent in the face of this hell country. I was briefly on JSA and it was so demeaning and miserable. There are some people trying their best under strict and dehumanising targets but there’s also so much petty cruelty enabled by the DWP.


May says she will quit in the hopes that her deal will be passed.

The DUP say they will not vote for her deal either way making May’s plea redundant.

The Parliament take control of the Brexit precedings.

Every single one of the Parliament’s indicative proposal is defeated with no majority.

What a shit show. I tell you what, after all this is done the first two things I wan’t to see is massive reform in Westminster and if by some miracle we are still in the EU reform of how we interact with it, including regular people.


What if we all just decided to make Caroline Lucas the President of Great Britain?


she’d be far too busy scabbing to do that


I beg your pardon?


i will say i appreciated her speech in parliament today calling out the govt’s bullshit careerist fuckery for what it was though


That’s some pretty edge-case scabbery.


The Greens are major centrist neolibs since Corbyn took over Labour, basically all of their decent members fled.


Is that actually true? It’s certainly not the case with the Scottish Green Party.


It is for the southern Greens. The Scottish Greens continue to be decent.


I sometimes feel like the Scottish Greens are the only ones keeping the SNP honest.


Yeah, I agree with that. I’ve no doubt there’s numerous SNP figures and particularly members who hold similar beliefs to the Greens but they’re silenced a lot more. Can’t wait for Andy Wightman’s Maoist land reform policies post-independence.