British Politics


That’s the first time I’ve heard Georgism described as Maoist.



I managed to get jaded with the vote and electoral politics at the first attempt lol.


So now Assange has been arrested by the UK police after the Ecuadorian embassy finally kicked him out. As unpleasant as his politics have become, I still wouldn’t support his extradition to the US. Apparently the Swedish authorities aren’t going to press charges, so it looks like he’s going to sit in a British prison for a year then finally be free to get some vitamin D.

Bear in mind that if he hadn’t self-exiled to the embassy, he would have spent 1 year in a British prison then a max of 5 years in a US prison. He would already have been released. Kinda makes you wonder if it was worth it?


Sharing this from politics channel in the Discord, via @hideokojima:

A resource to help figure out who your local candidates for your council. My local councillors aren’t up this year (Wales had its last set in 2017), but worth checking here and looking into your candidates if you’re not familiar.