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That’s the first time I’ve heard Georgism described as Maoist.


I managed to get jaded with the vote and electoral politics at the first attempt lol.

So now Assange has been arrested by the UK police after the Ecuadorian embassy finally kicked him out. As unpleasant as his politics have become, I still wouldn’t support his extradition to the US. Apparently the Swedish authorities aren’t going to press charges, so it looks like he’s going to sit in a British prison for a year then finally be free to get some vitamin D.

Bear in mind that if he hadn’t self-exiled to the embassy, he would have spent 1 year in a British prison then a max of 5 years in a US prison. He would already have been released. Kinda makes you wonder if it was worth it?

Sharing this from politics channel in the Discord, via @hideokojima:

A resource to help figure out who your local candidates for your council. My local councillors aren’t up this year (Wales had its last set in 2017), but worth checking here and looking into your candidates if you’re not familiar.

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she’s finally fucking off

remembers that someone even worse will be replacing her oh no


Yeah, our only hope is that her replacement calls an election. But given how the Tories are polling just now I think they’ll definitely try to just push on until “after Brexit.”

And even then, what? We need to hope that Labour fail to get a majority and need to rely on a Remain party?

Oh fuck off



It’s true though look at her achievements. Record levels of child homelessness. Thousands dying due to her austerity measures. Citizens deported because of her racism.

And uh…a porn ban?

I’m sure she’s very happy about all of these given she very intentionally exacerbated them during her tenure.


The gall to play faux feminism and pretend May gives two fucks about equality at any level


Tbf, it says something about gender equality in this country that she managed to fail upwards into the position of PM the same way a man traditionally would have :woman_shrugging:

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On the one hand, Theresa May’s entire political career involved taking food out of the mouths of starving children, but on the other hand, she helped a lot of landlords buy a third investment home, so it’s impossible to say if she was good or not.


The EU election in Scotland went pretty much how I would have expected.

I think the porn ban has been pushed back to (July?), and people are speculating that at this point that it won’t ever actually happen as this is the third time it’s been delayed.

@keydemographics when you put it like that it’s no wonder that the Conservative party stood by her as long as they did

It’s actually pretty funny at a point.

Personally, I’m very happy with the results. It was obvious going in that the largest single vote-share was going to be for the Brexit Party but 31.6% was much lower than I expected (closer to 40% seemed achieveable for them).

I recommend people go through the full list of results and look into the MEPs who have obtained seats (because ultimately, it’s the elected people who matter).

I’m pleased to see that most of Labour MEPs elected are pro-EU (and willing to say so against the upper-echelons of the Labour Party’s weak responses). The end result is of the 70 seats filled (not including the 3 for Northern Ireland which haven’t finished counting due to their differing system), only 33 are commited to pushing through Brexit, and 37 are at least on the side of a second referendum.

More importantly, however, those 37 people, despite coming from 5 different parties, are all left-leaning people who will speak against the growing fascist views throughout Europe.


But it’s European Parliament? They can’t push through Brexit or make a second referendum.

LOL at Change UK


I hate the Conservatives.

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My parents rubbed elbows with a lot of these types of Conservative while they were living in Singapore, and they’re some of the pettiest, most spiteful little turds I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.

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