BROCKHAMPTON Appreciation Thread


Me llamo 2 Mello, y esta es la Zona de Apreciación de Brockhampton.

BROCKHAMPTON is a hip-hop collective founded on a Kanye West internet forum, the best way. They self-identify as the Internet’s first boy band. They are very productive and very young. They have released a mixtape (All-American Trash) and two albums, Saturation and Saturation 2, which was released just an hour-ish ago.

I believe BROCKHAMPTON is extremely significant to the future of hip-hop music; perhaps the strongest creative force in the genre in this decade. I have compared them to the Wu Tang Clan multiple times on Twitter, and I do not regret it yet.

The members combine excellent, quirky production drawing inspiration from video game soundtracks, late 90s-early 2000s superstars like The Neptunes and Heatmakerz and their contemporaries, AND subject matter that is sadly revolutionary in 2017 hip-hop–open discussion of queerness, for example, is a huge BROCKHAMPTON thing.

There’s a sweetness and joy to the way these young men express themselves that gives me hope for the future, and the future of hip-hop. I’m going to share three of my favorite songs/videos of theirs that will hopefully explain better than words.


i feel like odd future covered a lot of what i’ve seen from this group, though admittedly i have not seen a lot. regardless, my roomate says their stuff is a lot more palatable than odd future.


Odd Future was important to get to where BROCKHAMPTON has us now, but I always felt like their quality was VERY uneven and that they had a lot more immaturity and “shock value”. To me, BROCKHAMPTON doesn’t reach for shock value at all, except maybe in some of their video imagery.


i think BROCKHAMPTON is comparable to what odd future could be like if it had been founded by post-flower boy Tyler


They’re what I had hoped Odd Future would be, absolutely. But members of OF are only just now hitting the marks that Brockhampton is starting at. I don’t think they’re really comparable with the Odd Future that exists.


My friend just showed me some of their music videos the other day. All of the videos are really well-done and well edited, it’s honestly amazing. They’re all great examples of what can be done with a lower budget if you just get creative about things, and all of them have a really cool stylistic through-line to them?


Yes, another very important element of BROCKHAMPTON’s early and quick success is that they have a lot of talented people coordinating. I think they have 5 producers and I’m sure one or more members of the team is skilled in video production enough to be thrifty.

For example, at the beginning of the SWEET video, you can see the shadow of a mic and pop shield in the bottom of the frame when Roberto steps up to deliver his signature line, suggesting that they’re using music equipment that they already own to capture good audio for video instead of purchasing video-specific stuff.


finally listened to all of Saturation II today and yeah, holy shit these guys might have earned your wu tang clan comparison! the shit that blew me away about saturation I and II both is that they have like, ten absolutely stellar posse cuts, a couple skits, and then they close off both albums with a couple of immaculate crystalline beautiful post-RnB ballads? it always rules to see an artist understand not only how to make great songs but how to compose them into a great album with phenomenal flow

favourite track off of 2 has to be SWEET. matt, dom and merlyn all do their best verse on that album in one song and kevin’s hook is that perfect major-key touch that keeps the track summery


Saturation is so fucking good. I’ve only dipped my toes into Saturation II today but I like it so far. Not quite hitting the same highs upon first listen, but still clearly quality work.

The second half of Saturation is probably my favorite BROCKHAMPTON. SWIM and MILK are amazing.


I agree that SWEET is overall the best. It feels like the posse statement track and it’s really feel-good. Just the perfect balance of everything they do.


I just saw the stuff about Saturation III and how it’s supposed to be out by the end of the year. I’d say they are already 2/2 so the prospect of another album is crazy. Hope they don’t burn out haha. But, I like we are getting plenty of material in case they decide to split an focus on their solo stuff only.


Yeah, they are still all fairly early in their careers and could definitely decide to split. But calling Brockhampton a boy band and having all this branding around it does make it seem like it’ll be a multi year thing. Maybe people will just leave and join, like a King Crimson type thing. I can’t really tell how many members they even have. Somewhere between 6 and…15, idk.


they seem to be taking the Broken Social Scene model of member rosters which is “if you appear on a track you’re in the group, features don’t exist” so yeah i wouldnt be surprised if that number has already hit 15


Listened to Saturation II twice all the way through, and I’m into it. I don’t think it ever reaches the heights of the first though. HEAT, STAR, GOLD, and FACE are all songs I can’t stop listening to months later, and I’m not sure I’ve found any like that on II. SWEET and SWAMP are probably my favorite, and I’m really starting to see Dom pull ahead as probably the most technically skilled of the bunch next to Kevin. Looking forward to Saturation III, apparently we won’t have to wait long.


Something I’m appreciating about Saturation 2 which 1 didn’t really have is that it’s got a bit more of, like, thematic consistency and coherence throughout the project in both the writing and production, it’s more of a statement in and of itself as opposed to, like, an introductory thing. Like I’ve always thought that as a multimedia artistic holistic thing Brockhampton are way more coherent in their style and artistic vision than they have any right to be but Saturation 2 takes that another step up. Either way, I agree generally that they’re a super important group, the degree to which they embrace and embed into queer culture and alternative images of masculinity paves a path for a future of hip-hop which is aggressive, catchy, weird while also not having that side of masculine-posturing and toxicity.

As for if they’re burning themselves out or whatever with how prolific they are at the moment, I can kinda see them taking a break from doing Brockhampton group projects after Saturation 3 to do solo projects but still embedded in that, like, collaborative work process that works for them so much.


like looking back at the older stuff on the brockhampton channel, there’s some tracks that are listed as solo work but you can see the whole crew in the videos anyways (like the video for “drugs” by kevin abstract). it’d be pretty sick if they actually went full Broken Social Scene and started putting out albums like “BROCKHAMPTON Presents: Dom McLennon”


If I only get one, which Brockhampton album should it be?


I would say Saturation II is superior, personally! There are a lot of very good songs on I, but for me there were definitely some weak points and II is strong all the way through as an album.


Saturation II is really growing on me the more I listen to it. I still don’t think it matches the highs of Saturation I, but I like it more than I originally thought. The hooks are just so damn catchy and overall the production is probably more interesting. The beginning of TOKYO is so weird and good.


ON @2Mello’s rec I got Saturation II as my intro to the group, and my word I love it. Gotta try Saturation I in a little while I guess.