BROCKHAMPTON Appreciation Thread


:frowning: the light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.

Important update:


I’m very confused about what is real or fake with Brockhampton right now. Their willingness to embrace fan hysteria on social media is kind of frustrating.

I will say that disbanding at this time would be a very bad business move. Maybe it’s just that the name Brockhampton is done with these three albums and this was an art project, but still, at some point you want name recognition.

Unless they really don’t care and just want to make quality shit… I’m always going to support it.


I’m gonna remain hopeful here and believe all their future projects will just be called mixtapes.

No but in all seriousness I wonder if there’s been any tension among the crew over decisions related to signing to a label or gaining exposure. It seems like they were thrust into prominence so quickly and I can’t imagine it’s easy for a group their size to remain on the same page about everthing from a business perspective. In any case, no matter what they decide to do, I hope these three albums and the time they spent together were valuable and overall a positive thing for them as individuals.


So as far as I can tell, Saturation III is going to be physical only. This is what they’ve said… they want that and the drafts CD on the boxset to remain a unique physical thing as long as possible. I get that, but it feels like a pretty divisive move. Brockhampton is full of artists who all potentially could go solo. They may have differing opinions about some of the stuff Kevin does–I really hope he’s talking to them and people from outside the group, his social media could really use an editor/PR touch. It’s the “ima fix wolves” problem of artists being able to be completely unrestrained, and not all of them handling that in a way that’s nice for fans. It’s been a problem in music forever–Q-Tip once said that Tribe would never have finished Low End Theory if someone didn’t step in and actually make them stop. Jive essentially stole a draft of the album and made it final.

However, I feel like rising to this level of prominence was always the plan from the beginning. They made a distinct stylistic break from the first Brockhampton album with Saturation and just doused 2017 with music and video content so hot there’s no way they could not blow up on some level. They probably expected to get even bigger. I think it should be easy for anyone in the group to see that they don’t need labels or anyone who would say any sentence containing the phrase “that Brockhampton sound” to infiltrate what they have going on.

Kevin recently did a Q&A and I asked something like “is Brockhampton something that could continue to happen remotely, or is the Factory (their house) vital to the creation process?” He didn’t get to my Q, but I certainly hope I didn’t hit the nail on the head.


I was really bummed out to hear the news. I’ve been enjoying Saturation I and II quite a bit but, to be honest, I was even more excited about where they would go from here and what music they might make in the future! To be clear, I don’t mean that as a dig at their current work. I just think their future music could be even better!

If it is a “We’re not making music together again” situation, the best theory I can think of is that they want to simultaneously have a lengthy discog for people to explore while creating scarcity. Stopping production so people want more, but giving them plenty to go back to. I agree with 2Mello in thinking it’s a bad business move, but personal tensions inside the group aside, I feel like there must be some career-related rationale motivating them as well.


I’ve been hearing and reading things, saying the statement might fit in with the whole narrative they’ve been trying to establish for themselves, and that the whole ‘breaking up’ idea might slot into that so very neatly.

The meteoric rise and sudden fall of a boyband.

I certainly hope that’s the angle Kevin’s going with, and is not actually serious about this being the end. The image also mentioned the last studio album. Considering how (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, they normally record their songs in the factory, it might just mean that, if taken literally, this album will have been recorded in a proper studio.


Interesting update, new cover (?) and tracklist:


CINEMA: The song so good, they put it on there thrice


CINEMA is probably the new Roberto skit name? Maybe clips from the movie?


And of course the return to four-letters with the closer, bringing the trilogy full circle.

This better not be the end, boys.




I’m so overwhelmed it’s too good how is this possible how is this fair answer it’s not BH best boys


OK, they’re seriously not allowed to break up. Please.


The boys keep giving.


I’m still not a huge fan of their more long-form film stuff, besides it being shot beautifully–but at the end of this is a very long chunk of the song they previewed in the tour announcement video.


I can’t get over that saxophone hook in BOOGIE. So infectious.


Still great. STILL GREAT. Big surprise.


It’s Kevin Abstract’s world and we are just living in it.


Tell this boy to stop playing with me please