BROCKHAMPTON Appreciation Thread


Agreed on your last point.

They could pull a Death Grips and bail on the label for sure and NO ONE other than other labels would blame them or think lesser of them.


Imo, the money’s gotta come from somewhere. They’ve got a ton of people in the group as it is that need paying, and if they want to continue to do different things and subvert expectations, that’s probably going to involve bigger productions with more people.

Like, as much as I enjoy the DIY style of their current work, having legal rep from the label + the budget to bring on producers, directors, etc. without being personally at risk financially might be really helpful. I have no clue how they took care of administrative duties before, but now a lot of that can be passed off to the label. They can put more time and energy towards making music.

I don’t have a lot of trust for any large company, including labels, but with BH’s business/branding brilliance, I have hope that this could be good.


Not to derail the recent conversation but seeing the Saturation albums listed in the other thread about three album runs inspired me to give them a listen and holy shit is Brockhampton outstanding


I just wanted to hop into this thread and tell everyone that BROCKHAMPTON have been giving and are continuing to give me so much life!

At first Saturation III was my least favourite of the three, but I’m listening to it again after reading this thread and I have been sleeping on this album. The more time I decide to dedicate to listen to their music the more it seems to give back.


For a while, Brockhampton stuff was looking so rough that I didn’t even want to post an update here, but today:

Ameer has been removed from the group due to sexual harassment. An extremely hard choice, but this is exactly what I needed them to do if I was going to continue listening, and if they’re able to do this, I have more faith in them moving forward.


People are saying at last night’s show Joba and Kev broke down into tears during Ameer’s verse, which was just an empty instrumental.

Crazy few months for them, I hope they come through this learning a lot about themselves and are better for it.


Yeah, it’s true

This video gave me a lot of faith in them. I know fans were upset with them not being more transparent, I was too, but sometimes I forget about how difficult this must be for them to deal with. They’re clearly very emotionally rocked by all of this. I’m sure the new album is going to be heavily affected by this.

Between this and the allegations against Antwon, I’m starting to re-evaluate my relationship with this type of rapper. Both had lyrics that were misogynistic and dealt with their history of being abusive but I overlooked them because they seemed introspective about it, and I was unsure what was true and what were just bars written from the perspective of a fictional toxic dude. I think there are benefits of writing songs from the perspective of a shitty person; tons of rappers do it effectively but I generally just chalked it up to it being a fictional rap persona. I thought if the rapper was choosing to rap about something that made them look disgusting, they were introspective enough to both recognize the behaviour as abhorrent and that they wouldn’t actually act on that shit, when really it was just the former. Now I can’t listen to these introspective abusive dudes.

The only thing I’m wrestling with is that I listen to introspective shit from rappers who are self-destructive and find value in that, but when someone’s talking about their destructive behaviour being put onto other people I don’t want to hear from them anymore. I recognize that there’s a value in hearing what was going on in the mind of an abusive person, but now I don’t want to hear it because I recognize that it’s probably real and not just art. Obviously, I don’t want to support these people with my money, but the reason I listened to them initially and the most compelling thing about them was talking about being an abusive person who suffered from mental health issues.

I’m afraid I’m sounding like I’m defending them. I’m not. I haven’t listened to Brockhampton since I heard about this and I’ve deleted all of Antwon’s music. I feel dumb for feeling betrayed by someone who was telling me who they were the entire time.


I love that Kevin Abstract is someone with a huge heart who feels deeply, but I hate that he must be really going through it right now as a result. A betrayal of him, the group, the fans at that level must be hurting him so much, and he clearly feels emotionally exhausted and torn and even guilty (nothing to feel guilty about Kev you did GOOD!!) in that vid…ugh my heart.


Extremely disheartening to see how split the fanbase seems on this. The replies to that tweet are all over the place, which seems so strange given that the “we were lied to” part of that statement should bring all debate about the validity/severity of the accusations to an end. They made the right choice and I’m glad they did it ASAP.

It’s very easy to talk from a fan’s perspective about how a certain person is a piece of shit who deserves nothing less than to be completely cut off from the group, but it must be an agonizing thing to have that person be a close friend and bandmate who you trusted and supported and made a rise to prominence with. I hope this statement offers at least a bit of consolation to victims, however small.

In any case, Ameer’s verses were always my least favorite, so I’m not even bummed that PUPPY is likely going to have to be completely reworked not to include them, which is what a lot people are getting all worked up about. Just let Matt go off for twice as long to fill the gap, idc


the boys are back in town


Got real Outkast vibes from this


oh HELL yes. This shit bumps.


The world needs more Outkast-style tunes, so I approve heartily.


I love everything about this except for the joba verse :confused:


There’s this Youtube Channel called Alfo Media that does these in-depth videos on BROCKHAMPTON and their individual members, which made me love the band even more.


Alfo Media made me appreciate Brockhampton so much more than I already do in my short history with the group. 1999 Wildfire bumps, I Tonya bumps, I want to die when this new album comes out.


new single

interested in the 1998 theme they’re pushing. also the rnb break in this one is outstanding


Really need to know if these are connected to the forthcoming album at all or if they are their own thing like Ye’s G.O.O.D. Friday drops.

I assume Truman is a reference to The Truman Show that came out in 1998 due to the content of the song. Makes me wonder what Wildfire thing happened in 1999, if any.

Also, today I did a large Twitter thread on how and why Brockhampton is accomplishing what they’re doing (and why other artists shouldn’t compare themselves to Brockhampton)


I feel like Romil and Dom are in a grand-scale, planet-destroying, energy-beam-clash-ass struggle to be the most consistent members of Brockhampton


According to reddit it’s movie titles? Like Truman is a reference to the Truman show? Though if that’s true idk what wildfire is referencing.