BROCKHAMPTON Appreciation Thread


Well it’s gotta be this obscure documentary “Wildfire: Feel The Heat” from 1999 narrated by Andre Braugher.



yet another. I want more merlyn honestly


I agree with you 100%


I was so happy for a Kevin verse.


This is… targeted directly at me.


BROCKHAMPTON are an interesting bunch (barring he who was exiled), there’s a ton of creative energy behind every member of the group and its almost an co-op of sorts. I’m hit or miss on some of their output, its usually above a 7 though. What’s interesting is their blend of cultures, genres and styles. It epitomizes American homogeneity. Some of their energy seems unfocused at times but that isn’t a bad thing. BH fascinates me and I’ll be watching them like a hawk until they split up.


Full Brockhampton set from Reading Festival


Not into any of this merch but it’s more affordable than their previous stuff and each item comes with a digital copy of the album.


anxiously awaiting the day that the anti-aesthetes come full circle and like good design again


I’m getting just a little impatient with the combination of last-minute announcements/changes and artificial scarcity, both of which are in vogue and both of which Brockhampton has leaned on heavy. I don’t think any aspect of my relationship with them or their own business has been improved by either of these things.


I just want Iridescence out already.


Could be any time now!!! It’s really exciting because I know it’s gonna be my next big thing of the year.


New merch in a few minutes.

Album September 21


If J’OUVERT and TONYA are any indication as to the quality of Iridescence, then I think this album will be stunning. So excited for this!


So Iridescence is really-fucking-good. My god I’m in love with this album

Edit: I slipped up and used what is arguably ableist language so apologies, I was swept on in the hype and didn’t think.


A first listen is not enough, it has a lot of layers. Every track is kind of on the same complexity that SISTER/NATION was from SAT III. I enjoy it and I think it’s going to bring a lot of new people in on BROCKHAMPTON with its more adventurous production style.


I´ve listened to the album a bit now and i think so far that i like WEIGHT (is it just me that got reminded of American Boyfriend and especially Empty) the most but im sure that other songs also will grow on me. I like that the album feels way more consistent than trilogy.


It has a real Big Fish Theory vibe to it and I’m loving it


This project feels more cohesive and focused to me. I’m a big fan of the artistic direction they’ve taken here, more complex sounds (also a bunch of strings?). The whole album just feels balanced. Really digging the little things like the transition from New Orleans to thug life, the beat switches in weight, the instrumentation change in district, that piano intro to Tonya. Fave songs so far are WEIGHT, DISTRICT, TAPE.


WEIGHT is fantastic, but I also wish it had spent more time exploring the sound it had towards the beginning, the transition into DISTRICT also could have been stronger. Not that it’s a bad transition, just that it’s not as strong as the transition from NEW ORLEANS to THUG LIFE.

LOOP HOLE was weirdly good??? It was a good hip-hop skit in 2018???