BROCKHAMPTON Appreciation Thread


has anybody seen these guys live? how was the show?

i got tickets for november.


I was thinking of this when I heard the breakbeat transition of “Weight,” which I loved. iridescence is the first BROCKHAMPTON album I’ve tried and I loved the variability offered by it.


Saw them live for the “Love Your Parents” tour, and it was amazing. I thought they were great, and they played all of my favorites. My only complaint was that they ended on HEAT which I wasn’t a big fan of because they did SUMMER and HOTTIE before that so the vibe felt weird to me. Not sure how their new set will be but I would go see them again if I had extra funds!


way late to this but i feel like the current personnel more than made up the lack of bastard man


This is intended to be a thread devoted to everything about Brockhampton, but to reflect the goals of the forum as a whole, we do not believe it is appropriate to bring up former member Ameer Vann, especially to suggest that the decision to remove him could have changed the quality of the band or that there is a debate to be had about whether they should have made that choice. There is not, and no further comments about it are necessary.


So I’m curious, how has Iridescence settled for people in here?

In my opinion, I’m happy they made it because I feel like they all needed it, to let some stress out and prove that they were solid and ready to move forward. However, the fact that it was made in two weeks really makes the production feel weaker for me and I can’t say I love it with the passion I did any of the Saturations. It’s still one of my favorite albums of the year, but I find that I can name or identify so few of the songs because of the way the album flows and the beats change. There are so many beat change-ups that it feels like they were all under-developed pieces that couldn’t stand up for more than a minute.


It’s honestly settled tepidly for me, as well. I can’t really articulate everything that brings it below the Sat. trilogy, but considering how feverishly I took in II and III when I discovered them, something is different.

If I have to place anything, the sounds they use on the album start to blend in a way? The harder songs are almost all some variation on “grimy bass with industrial-ish synth line”. That contrasts pretty sharply from previous entries where the hardest hitting songs all seemingly came from different places. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the amount of time taken to make the album or if they were just going for something that didn’t line up with me, but yeah.


I think it might be a little bit of both, but the way that sounds are maintained in the transitions between songs definitely ended up being a negative for me rather than a positive. It was also present in Saturation III, but the sounds were used in radically different ways between songs.