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I must admit, Mirror’s Edge is a game I really wanted to enjoy - I like the 2d version of flow games (say, N++), and I thought I would like this. But, I found the control and interface infuriatingly hard to grasp - timing-wise, and remembering-which-button-does-what-wise - so I never really got off the tutorial.

(re: gunplay, it always felt to me that Bungie’s Oni did this better - you can totally use guns, and disarm people easily, but you’re supposed to being kickass at martial arts, so they’re deliberately a bit clunky and don’t really reload.)

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Love me some N++. There is definitely a different VIBE going from 2D to 3D. Personally, I prefer a bit of tunnel vision. Seeing the whole field makes it feel less “good” for me when hitting that flow state.

BTB #19: Dragon Switch XI

Quarantine almost had me revert this thread back into a blog. Then someone commented and a person or two liked the Mirror’s Edge post. Weird how that bit of feeling like I wasn’t speaking into a void helps. Especially with the world being real crushing. So, thanks for that! Means a lot.

This week though I broke and bought a “new to me” game, DQXI on Switch. I had a Best Buy gift card so I got the digital version because I HATE physical games on Switch. Old man from I Think You Should Leave Too small! It goes whiffing out of the car while I’m driving. I don’t feel GREAT about buying things right now but I’ve wanted a JRPG for my Switch as my library of games can scratch the vast majority of itches that I might have. It is the perfect game console because it is the only one where I could put a dozen hours into in front of the TV on a Sunday or put two hours into in 15-minute increments while doing chores around the house. The later I’m in a lot of need of these days. Right now I have action/adventure games, platformers of multiple dimensions, puzzle, strategy, and fighting games. In bed or on the couch I can fill a gaming desire. Dragon Quest gives me that BIG JRPG, a genre I don’t play a ton of because I think the best way to play them are on handhelds. Weird how Switch is one of those!

Somehow since Friday I have put 8 hours into the game. That’s officially more than I’ve played any game this year. It doesn’t feel that long! Is that a problem?!

I don’t know, what I do know is that the game fits like a glove. Dragon Warrior’s Monster II: Cobi’s Journey is one of my all-time favorite games. I’m not even sure if it is that good but Monster breeder (UGH) games are sort of my kryptonite. That flow of going 1+1=2, 1+2=1, and sometimes 1+1=3 is SO GOOD! Plus the monsters are cool as heck. Dragon Quest is not as an exciting series cause you play as PEOPLE, who gives a crap, you know? I’ve already played one other official DQ game, Dragon Quest VIII which was p darn good and had a little monster arena side-game area. I had heard good things about DQXI and it was between this and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but I leaned on history and my brother’s rec.

Well, after a dozen hours I think I’m more impressed with the Switch over the game. Does that make me bad? The game is good! Feels like a proper adventure. Looks like how I remember DQ8 looking. Actually have watched a few videos of that game, and it still looks good! Just a tad blurry. The game shows that it is a proper modern title during the big bosses and cutscenes. They look like cool toys…is that good? I don’t know but beating up a Jargon with this level of SMOOTHNESS is top-notch. And I do it in my bed! Wow! How is this real! That’s what takes it up a notch. It is a fun game, with a fun story, and neat monsters. The fact I can take that experience into my bed or play it on the couch while my wife works through Supernatural again is a life changing experience.

I don’t see myself slowing down soon it just has prompted two dangerous items 1) I feel the need for more Switch games as I’m realizing that’s the only way I’m going to play more games and 2) my wife wants us a Switch. I blame Animal Crossing.