'Brutal Minecraft' Lets You Rip and Tear Through 'Minecraft' Like It's 'Doom'

Doom is arguably the best first-person shooter ever released, and Minecraft is by many accounts the best sandbox building game ever released. What if they were combined?

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I can’t wait for more harmless games to get the ‘BRUTAL’ treatment.

God, ‘Brutal Goose Game’

Just give the goose a gun.


The Hatred sequel nobody expected/wanted!

Animal Cross but it’s a bloody revolution to unseat Tom Nook


As a Doom fan I love seeing mod coverage on general-audience gaming sites. And I understand that this kind of post needs a hook that “X meets Y” has and “conventional but well-made set of maps” lacks. So I’m sorry to report that Brutal Minecraft is not worth your time.

Some of its flaws are simple bugs, it’s a beta, that’s forgivable. (If anyone else wants to try it, go into the options and bind all the unbound custom-action keys, then once you’re in the game hit = to switch from the broken status bar to the functional full-screen HUD.) It could also use a major resource-balance pass, which to be fair is one of the last parts of mapping. At present the second map makes you count bullets like Resident Evil.

Other issues are apparently by design, starting from the nearly unreadable font used in menus: blood-soaked and blocky matches the theme, but it breaks up the glyph shapes horribly. The weapon replacements I found were underwhelming, and the shotgun was shockingly bad. Its spread makes it useless beyond a few feet, and it still sometimes took 3 shells to down a single basic zombie at close range. Shells that for some reason need to be loaded individually by repeatedly tapping the reload key. The modder even slowed the famous Doom running speed down closer to Minecraft levels. Overall it’s a much slower-playing game than basic Doom.

There’s potential in a Minecraft-inspired Doom mapping style that combines wide-open outdoors with more structured caves and buildings, but Brutal Minecraft doesn’t do that. It’s simple corridors and hub-and-spoke for the most part. The most interesting map element I found in what I played was a section of the second map that was just the first map of Doom 2 rendered in Minecraft style.

Once I ran out of patience, I decided to at least check out some other weapons and maps. Enter IDKFA… cheats disabled? OK, turn on cheats, new game and… the mod immediately kills me and calls me a pig. ???

For a palette cleanser I played a bit of Hocus Pocus Doom. It seems cool so far! If anyone’s in the mood for an “X meets Y” Doom mod that’s fun and more in the spirit of its source material, I think it’s a better bet than this Minecraft thing.


A bit disappointed with this, really. The video makes it look like kind of a generic zombie slaughterhouse, which existed as a map theme literally for decades. It’s just this one uses a Minecraft coat of paint.

Those can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like if you’re going to theme it after Minecraft, you could play with that a little more. There DO seem to be creepers, skeletons, and ghasts, but they kind of seem to get lost in the tide. They need things like spiders, and witches, and slimes, and endermen. I want more Minecraft flavor.