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Paper. It’s a thing. Sometimes people write on it. Do you? Here’s somewhere to talk about that.

I’ve recently really gotten into journaling to help me deal with my ADD at work and with that came a real love for nice stationery. I’ve been really impressed by the Fürst mechanical pencil I picked up for £6(bargain!!) while back in Brighton: https://www.papersmiths.co.uk/products/short-mechanical-clutch-pencil

Lovely lacquered metal body, Has some blades in the end you can use to sharpen the lead to a lovely point. Just very satisfying all round to use and hold.


Do you have some hot resources on learning about journaling? I’m kinda curious to see if I’d like it at all. I’m very bad at making (good and useful) habits.


Those look lovely, super nice color selection.
I don’t journal so much, but I do take notes and sketch a lot and usually try to date my entries. For daily stuff I have an Emilio Braga notebook that fits in most jacket pockets that I love and small Moleskin notebook I always keep in my back pocket for emergencies.
For years I’ve used the Jetstream pen from Uni-Ball. It is extremely smooth and very easy to get refill cartridges.
I don’t like getting anything ruled but the Emilio Braga notebook comes with a grid insert that you can put behind a page and use as a guide.

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My genuine experience has been that I found standard bullet journaling too much hassle and pared it down to just what I wanted. I haven’t really got any links to resources but I’ll describe what has helped me (as somebody who is also very bad at making habits):

(click sections to expand):

1: Stationery

Obviously not essential but a nice place to start. You can totally just grab a biro and scrap paper and work away, it doesn’t make it any less journaling. Different people prefer different book bindings, writing implements and paper markings and all that - and what works for you will very much depend on what you’re actually writing.

I personally use the Rhodia Goalbook because it has dot ruled pages (I found lines and grids to be too distracting) and it has numbered pages + a blank index (so very useful for keeping notes about how to do things at work easy to find). An alternative to an index is getting a disc bound notebook, where you can actually reorder the pages but imo they’re pricey and difficult to maintain.

2: Structure

This may be where you fell off whenever you’ve tried journaling. A lot of people put a lot of effort into their journals and many will tell you that their way is the Best And Most Efficient Way. There’s a (imo kinda insidious) culture of Productivity and Instagram-ready perfection that hovers around journaling. Don’t worry about that stuff at all. I put no effort at all into mine. At the end of the day it’s your journal for your reference. Do what is most useful to you without making it too stressful/time-consuming to be worthwhile. But here’s some structural things that have helped me:

An index: reserve the first spread or two of your notebook for an index/contents page. Number your pages as you go, make a note of the title and page number of anything important.

Freedom to skip days: There’s times that I won’t touch my journal for weeks. I used to use a dated filofax and if I missed a day I just felt bad and then stopped all together. The benefit of using a blank notebook is that you’re putting down the dates yourself. If you miss days just write “missed some days…” And carry on like nothing happened.

Daily bullet lists: this is something I stole from Bullet Journaling. If you find it too stressful just do a normal checklist because if you’re like me and are bad at finishing tasks, this could make you feel bad but basically you have the date as a header. if you need to do something you add a bulleted item. If you get it done, draw an X over the bullet. If it’s no longer relevant put a line through the item. The next day put the date as a header again and copy out any tasks from yesterday you didn’t get done but are still relevant. In theory if you keep neglecting to do something you’ll keep having to copy it out until eventually you’ll either do it today or you’ll decide it’s not worth doing and cross it out. Useful but rubs your face in it a bit.


This what I have right now:

The small notebook I bought last year, while I was traveling and I use it mostly when I don’t want to carry the big thing around.

The big notebook I mostly use for writing and sketching out ideas for videogames that either don’t warrant their own notebook, or that are still too vague for me to justify putting them into the real one.

The pink book is what I currently use for my bigger videogame project.

I want to get a dedicated “story writing” notebook soon, because I really want to get back into writing micro-fiction and I feel like this needs to be in its own book.

I use a Uni-ball pen as well (I think they are called Signo?). I’ve been using this type of pen for over ten years now and I’m so used to it, that it’s really hard for me to switch to a different type.


I have one book for work notes, and another for personal writing.

I’ve used a 0.5 Staedler Mars micro for my mech pencil needs since college. Haven’t found a pen I’m happy with. I don’t use the blue pencil that much, but I have a stash of blue lead I bought overseas because I can’t seem to find them in local stationery places.

I need a better way of organising my notes though.

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I recently started using a Leuchtturm1917 journal and am a big fan. I write with a Parker fountain pen and use Noodler’s Black ink.

I have been looking for a good mechanical pencil or back-up pen but haven’t found anything that clicks yet.

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I have a question! I have a Bullet Journal branded Leuchtturm1917. It has a set of table of contents pages you’re meant to fill out. I hate using them, so I’ve stopped. Does a regular old, non-branded Leuchtturm have those pages too? Because apart from that it’s my favorite journal. I just don’t like feeling like I’ve wasted any pages!

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Regrettably, the regular, non-branded A4 journal has those pages as well. I am in the same boat as you but the paper quality more than makes up for my dislike of feeling like I have wasted pages.

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Hm alright. Maybe I’ll just cover those pages in stickers or something. Thanks for the info!

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