Bungie: Future of 'Destiny 2' For Players Who Want Destiny As "Their Hobby"


The Destiny community has been in turmoil lately, with Bungie under fire for deceptive systems, failing to communicate with its most hardcore fans, and producing a sequel with a generally unsatisfying endgame. (For a more detailed rundown, I'd point you towards this piece by Jason Schreier at Kotaku.) Yesterday, Bungie cancelled a stream previewing its upcoming DLC, Curse of Osiris, to address these issues head-on, promising a lengthy blog post about the game's future. That post went live this afternoon, and suggests a structural re-alignment for how Bungie views Destiny.

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I’m not sure I want it to be my hobby? I was kinda happy with where the game is but the changes suggested sound good at least


Destiny was always just a game I returned to when a) it had new content and when b) I didn’t have other games I wanted to play more at the time. Next week there’s going to be new content and so I’ll go back to the game and play it, but after finishing it, collecting enough new gear and then experiencing inevitable fatigue with it I’ll… play something else. Destiny 2 isn’t going to be “my hobby” because video games as a medium already fills that role. I’m not about to stop playing all games to make Destiny 2 my sole hobby.

Besides, Warframe and Yakuza 0 aren’t going to play themselves.


Seems like more middle ground compromise that isn’t going to accomplish much for the people you would hope that they’d be more interested in accomplishing things for.

Private matches are good for streamer life. Ranked modes would be good in theory if the game were more fun to play, which is where a lot of the “hardcore” audience in between Top 1% and Everyone Else has concerns.

A lot of people played Destiny 1 all the way up to Destiny 2’s release and I dunno if any of these changes are really relevant enough to bring them out of the lurch.


Hobby seems like a bit much, but it’ll be nice to have a goal to strive for every time I log in. It’s been downhill for me ever since I got the Rat King.


The changes seem fine, I guess, but I’m not inclined to start seriously playing again until the expansion drops. I might peek in to see how much the vendor changes actually affect getting weapons I’m missing, though it doesn’t look like they’re even attempting a fix for the duplicate Exotics issue until the new year.


I… am very torn about this in ways I never thought I would be.

When I started Destiny 2 on PS4, I enjoyed it. I had fun with it, played a bit, hit power cap on all the classes, am doing the raid blind with friends. It’s good. I was frustrated at first, expecting a game I could sink many hours into each week, and finding there as really only about ten hours a week, after which I didn’t have to play.

It felt like Destiny didn’t want me to play it. It felt like Destiny wanted me to be done with it.

Over time, I kinda got into that. I like being done with Destiny 2. I expected I’d step back in with new content, raids, light level increases, etc. but that I didn’t have to play, and probably wouldn’t every week.

Now this.
Finding out I’m not done with Destiny 2 is… the weirdest sort of being upset I think I’ve ever been?
It makes me want to not play though?
I need to ruminate on this more.


While I’ll agree with others that “hobby” is a bit much, I really felt Destiny 2 was lacking at a certain point. I think it went too far in the other direction from Destiny 1. The way adventures became pointless, the way you were handed so much gear, and the fact that the quests for exotics were just shown to everyone, and there were no other such quests hidden in the game, made it feel pretty lifeless. The adventures and the exotic quests specifically bummed me out. I do not understand why adventures don’t scale with your level and have totally crap rewards once you’ve finished the campaign. And exotics were just turned into legendaries, but with a cool perk. Having to complete weird quests that you just happened to find, or otherwise became available in “mysterious” ways, was incredibly cool in D1. I seriously don’t get why they thought it was a good idea to just present 4 to you when you finish the campaign and then the rest are gotten just from drops or Xur. The mystery and the weirdness of exotics is part of why they’re “exotic” - the unique models and perks are practically a bonus to me.


Destiny 2 is a hobbygrade shooter. It’s the dream we all share, the dream that gives us hope for tomorrow.


I kinda like how D2 fits comfortably into my life right now. I have a (very very nearly) maxed level character, and I maybe sit down to play it twice a week.

For me, that’s nice. Coming from other MMOs like FFXIV and WoW, those expected entirely too much from me, and I would always inevitably bounce off as soon as I realized how much time it would take to just get through the leveling zones (let alone the endgame grind). Some people want that grind, and that’s fine, but I think I’m past the point where grind-heavy MMOs appeal to me.


Definitely with you there. I’m under 100 hours on D2 right now because I usually only play for 2-3 hours a week if I’m not raiding.

I understand people wanting something “meaningful” to grind for, but I am way past having that kind of time.

The changes they’ve detailed in their post sound cool and I’m excited too see it in motion.


Bungie promising to do a better job communicating? Where have I heard that one before? Hopefully they really follow through.


My god Warframe is the action looter that I never knew I needed. Glad people have stayed vocal, it’s a hell of a game.


If my friends want to hop on to do the raid or some strikes, I’ll probably do so. But at this point, there’s no real good reason for me to hop on Destiny 2 solo and do adventure/patrol missions for myself. Which is fine! Some games are better as multiplayer experiences anyway, just like some are better at single player.