Burning Planets ~ A free wargame


Hello everyone! I’m here to show you the fruit of my latest efforts: Burning Planets, a strategic tabletop war game, with a space colonization setting, where the players fight using fleets of spaceships to get control of planets and, in the end, become the final conquerors of a planetary system!

I’m an artisan and a videogame programmer, and when I started creating the rules for this game as a game design exercise, I decided that I liked a lot how it came out, I think it’s a fun game and it should be given a try by the lovers of the genre. Because of this, I prepared everything as a printable set, so with a color printer and some paper you can start playing right away! And for the same reason, the game is just free, and it always will be, I just want it to be played, I don’t care for earning from it.

This is the game’s page: https://www.thehermitking.com/burning-planets/

I hope many of you will try it, and if you do, tell me if you enjoyed it!


I’m sorry, I started writing this thread in the tabletop section, then read the rules and saw that I had to post in the workshop, I moved there and the thread was saved, I thought it would go in the section where I tried to add the new thread, but it didn’t, I didn’t mean to disobey the forum’s rules and make a mess!

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Since I know pretty well that most people aren’t used to not find any reference of a project or a person inside Facebook, and they aren’t used to follow someone outside the common social networks either, I created a Facebook page to make it easier for everyone and encourage people to follow my work, since I have a very large amount of pageviews and visits, and a lot of people showed interest in my game too asking questions and giving suggestions, but very few decided to register.
You will be able to find my page here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Hermit-King-752209955150825/


Thanks to a friend that volunteered, now the rule book is available in russian too!
You can check other details of the new update in this page: https://www.thehermitking.com/update-2-to-burning-planets-free-set/

A note about the facebook profile I talked about in the last post, since you won’t find it: after just 2 days facebook decided to block my account without even telling it. I have no clue why, I can say for sure I have done nothing against the rules, maybe some joker reported me, and even though I gave them a picture and an ID card to verify my identity after they asked for them, they didn’t unlock me nor they said anything again. I tried with no luck to find help, they just ignore everything. So, since I cannot remake everything and get a new email address every 2 days, until I won’t get them to stop ignoring and unlock my account, I’m not going to make another one.