Burnout's Best Game Proves There are No Lootboxes in Paradise

It feels like there should be a half-dozen games that have supplanted Burnout Paradise by now. When it came out, it practically redefined what an arcade racing game could and should be. It moved the taut action of the Burnout series into the open worlds that were rapidly coming to define the PS3 / 360 generation, then turned the cars loose in its depopulated playground with the violent enthusiasm of a child arranging Matchbox car smash-ups.

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I’m usually not one for remasters, but this might be one of the few I bite on. It helps that I have a few friends in my game group who skipped the 360/PS3 generation and it would be fun seeing them experience Paradise for the first time. Here’s hoping they keep the crash cam!

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Errant Signal has a video on the game that perfectly captures what it is about the game that makes it so magical. And it hurts that not other racing game has been able to capture almost any of it despite on paper looking to do the same thing. It’s sad a ten year old game still feels futuristic in its approach to open worlds.

Galaxy Brain: Burnout Paradise was the biggest inspiration behind Breath of the Wild.


Have lootboxes been confirmed as absent from the remaster? The title might need updated to “there were no lootboxes in paradise.” :smile:

Still, liked the article and am looking forward to the remaster. Paradise wasn’t my personal favorite Burnout but I still liked it and at this point I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve just double and triple checked, I can confirm that there are no MTX or additional paid content.

-Someone that appears to be a Ghost Games dev.


I wish I liked Paradise, but the way you have to drive in the open world in it makes me dislike it a whole lot. I wish they had a way of it being open world but blocking off areas while you were racing.

Having to navigate roads makes it less like a racing game and more like real driving, which is something I actually hate doing. But of course, note that I have an awful sense of direction, so adding “which way do I need to go and when” into a racing game makes it way more stressful.


I’ve yet to spend money on a remaster, but I might bite on this one… but if there’s no Avril Lavigne, no sale.

The original Paradise was not completely MTX free. It was the first time I’d ever seen a “time saver” pack. Pay real money to unlock all the cars without having to earning them through play. You know, the thing that cheat codes used to do.

Burnout’s best game?! What?! Literally can’t read past that headline as it’s too rage inducing… :slight_smile:

I was quite surprised that EA decided to do this, but I am sooo excited that they did. Burnout Paradise is a game I never thought needed a remaster, but I have such fond memories of it, and will definitely pick it up.

I will say, I’m not too against the idea of something like a time savers pack, for those who want to experience all the game’s #content, but who may not have a lot of free time. And from what I remember, it does take a hot minute to unlock all the stuff in this game. (sidenote according to this Playstation Blog Post from EA, the Time Savers pack won’t be included in the remaster)

The ‘best’ part was that the time saver pack couldn’t be turned off, so if for instance you were coming to the game for the first time and bought the complete pack off of PSN, all the cars were unlocked from the get go.

TBH if the comprise was cosmetic loot boxes = more playable content for Paradise I wouldn’t mind.

Is MTX an abbreviation of microtransactions?

Which thank god, because it was really the only good song on that soundtrack.


But Depeche Mode!

Sahara Hot Nights!

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