Buying retro game consoles


I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a refurbished/restored/re-whatevered GBA or Gamecube for a long time now. There are a couple gamees on each I can’t find anywhere else, that I want to play more than anything else.

I know Gamestop sells refurbished old consoles, does anyone have good experience buying one of these? Or, are there better ways of getting them?



GameStop is a great place to buy retro gear because you can easily return it to a store if it doesn’t work. I don’t buy retro from them often, but it’s been very convenient when the retro stuff I got was busted, which is pretty common for disc based stuff.

For a GameCube, I recommend you look into getting a Wii. The first editions of the console can play GameCube games and have ports for the controllers and memory cards. The advantage of the Wii is that you can save a ton of money on a component cable, allowing you to play on a HDTV. The GameCube component cables cost over $300.

The downside is that you lose the Game Boy Player. If you’re really set on a GameCube, you can get one HDMI modded, but that takes some time. There will eventually be an external HDMI adapter too, but it’s still in production.


I haven’t personally used GameStop to buy any retro games or consoles but I’ve heard it’s very nice.


One thing to look out for if you’re going to get into collecting GameCube games is called “disc rot”; basically the data layer on the disc rots away without scratching or mishandling. All disc-based game consoles can suffer it to varying degrees, but GameCube games seem to be particularly effected. Here’s a short video on how to identify it:


Awesome, I appreciate the input. Maybe I’ll just go for the GBA, what with the disc rot issues, and that I think it’s more likely what I want on the GC is more likely to get ported to Switch than the GBA game.