'Cadence of Hyrule' Remixes Classic Zelda Music with Roguelike Peril

With E3 2019 behind us, the crew at Waypoint Radio turn their attention to what really matters: The games we played going to and coming from E3 2019. We dig into Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Ft. The Legend of Zelda, SteamWorld Quest, Slay the Spire, BattleTech: Urban Warfare and more! Plus, we begin to answer your questions about E3... but you'll have to tune in later in the week for the REAL deep dive into ol' Question Bucket.

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Oh, not a Cadence of Hyrule review.

Could we please get a podcast tag or something?


seconded with a fierceness. I wish the podcast threads were labeled as such. As someone who doesn’t always listen right away it makes it difficult to come back to the discussion because I have no clue what the thread title is.


Haven’t finished the pod yet but I appreciate the Dicey Dungeons shout out.

I got the game on itch when it was still available for purchase and it’s such an incredibly fun combat system to play around in and it grabbed me in a way that many rogue-likes I’ve tried recently haven’t been able to. I really love how different and incredibly wild some of the other characters are like the Robot (who acquires dice through a blackjack-like module), the Witch (who has a spellcasting system) and the Jester (who turns the game into a deckbuilder with cards).

Really looking forward to the 1.0 release, although I hope it has dice-feel like Tharsis does.


They mention Stephen A Smith, who’s a basketball man, but don’t mention the Raptors winning the NBA championship? Austin used to like Canada, how come he don’t like Canada no more :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: He also mentions going to Toronto and still nothing about the Raps

Nothing about my time in Ontario made me a fan of anything in Ontario.


I’m not sure how many episodes of an Eva podcast you could get away with, but here’s an arc breakdown that might be more feasible than the ones I’ve seen around and honestly sounds pretty natural to me. TLDR: 1-7, 8-14, 15-20, 21-26, End of Evangelion.

You get a full episode of the podcast before Asuka shows up, a decent batch of relatively normal stuff following that, and the escalation of the second half gets split in the middle right after a pivotal reveal. End of Eva is way shorter than six or seven episodes of the show, but it deserves a deep dive and it can also be the wrapup episode.

Also, damn, Cado plays Magic? That game’s alright. MTG Arena has recently been fulfilling kid me’s dreams of playing the game I would only watch older friends play.

As a life long Ontario resident, I’d like to apologize for our behaviour.

Edit: spelling

I would pay a lot of money to get a St. Hubert’s on this side of the border.

Anyway, I spent money I probably shouldn’t have on Cadence, SteamWorld, and Gato Roboto because I have the impulse control of an overcaffeinated squirrel in a peanut factory. Looking forward to digging into those, the CTR Remaster, and Judgment this weekend.

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9 people used to be at Waypoint? Austin, Patrick, Rob, Danielle, Natalie, Cado, Danika, Joel, and…

Who is the mysterious 9th member of waypoint glory? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Also, i should probably pick up Cadence at some point, though 25 dollars is a lot to spend for a guy who didn’t really get sucked into the first Necrodancer all that much

The nice thing with Cadence of Hyrule is that, by default, you’re on a mode that lets you tackle the whole game in little chunks.

There was a lot to like about Necrodancer, but surviving the whole gauntlet is really rough. You can have that same experience in this new game, but it’s not the way they want you to play.


When I’ve seen people talking about “Out of the tutorial” they’re talking about beating the game on the default setting and moving onto permadeath mode, which also does things like upgrade enemy tiers, double shop costs and lock a few upgrades that you would normally get from the respawn shop until later in the game.

I don’t even follow basketball at all but god, if Stephen A. Smith hosted a talk show about video games I’d fucking lose it.

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Between the talk of Eva and Austin’s Battletech story, all I can think is “Pilot the Blackjack Glitch, or Dekker will have to do it again”

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They need to get Stephen A. Smith on the pod one day.

What happened? We generally have a high standard of living and egalitarian laws

A lot of the illusions I held onto about this province have been shattered in the last few years.

Nothing like transitioning and a terrible provincial election to pull the scales from your eyes.

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Doug Ford is an abhorrent plutocrat and we were overjoyed when he got booed by 2 million people at the Raptors parade!

He’s been in office less than a year though and I haven’t heard arguments about a better place in North America.

Seeing him booed did make me a bit more optimistic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I should also mention that I am really loving Cadence of Hyrule now that I have internalized it a little bit. The spear was game changing for me. With the fairy upgrade it is chef kiss.

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