Call Your Reps re: Health Care vote (USA)


Hi Waypointers - this is a Call To Action for folks in the USA. I looked through the rules and didn’t find a specific rule against calls to action, and given the outspoken political statements of the Waypoint staff, I hope this is okay. Please let me know if it is not. The lives of friends of mine are on the line here, and the ability for me to be able to make a living as a freelancer/writer in the future.

That said:

The latest reporting says that Paul Ryan has or is very close to having the votes to approve the American Health Care Act (AHCA). This is a bill that three versions ago would deprive 24 million people of health care. Each version since that first failed version has gotten worse for Americans.

Congresspeople are listening to constituent comments on this, so every call helps, especially if your congressperson is Republican.

Please call your Congressperson. Even if you’ve never called them before. Even if you don’t like ACA (this bill under discussion is ACA but worse and more likely to crash insurance markets, which then makes everything even worse).

If you need a script or someone to help you through the process, I will do that thing.

This # will help you connect to your Congressperson: (202) 224-3121.

Every call matters. We can still stop this. Thanks.


This is another good way to find out who/how to call based on your location:

5 Calls


5calls is a great resource. I use it every week.


It is official. The vote will be tomorrow, which means they have the votes, or are close to it. Now’s the time to keep calling.


Luckily my rep is a firm No. There are quite a lot of undecided reps who are crucial.


Good Luck, southern neighbours, on defending your ability to have limited access to what should be a fundamental human right o7


My Rep’s voicemail is full (a good sign) but I’ll try again tomorrow morning.


I got someone on the line today for my rep. Was super easy - I just said my name, where I’m from, and that I oppose the AHCA, and she asked me if she should pass the message to my rep. I said yes, that was that.


Yeah super depressed about this. My rep is a yes, called him so I guess here’s hoping.


This was RT by @austin_walker on Twitter:

Gonna give it a shot if the voicemail is still full this morning.


My rep is solidly opposed, Dem

My parents rep is Paul Ryan himself, so a lot of good that’s going to do


Vote scheduled for 1:00. It’s going to be an incredibly close vote, whichever way it goes.


The most-recently discovered portion of the new bill (because it keeps changing) not only messes with people who need the exchanges for health care, it also undermines care for people who get employer-provided healthcare (aka most of the country).

Keep calling. Thanks to everyone who has already done so.


I was gonna call my rep, but then I remembered my rep is John Lewis, so I guess I should call someone else instead?


really wish i didnt live in a deep republican state, hope yalls calls go well


It just passed in the House. Call your senators.


217 - 213…I’m just disgusted right now.


Call your Congressmen too. They need to hear your reaction.



And if your MoC voted yes, call them and tell them what you think. I suggest discussing how you’ll be fundraising, canvassing, and/or volunteering for their opponent in the next election. Make them feel the pressure right away.