Calling All Pet Fiends: Post your pics, share your stories


I have six cats. My wife and I make voices for them. We’ve given them all weird personalities. We aren’t crazy cat people: we’re insane.

Here’s Pumpkin Jezebel laying with Buddy bear. Pumpkin’s the moody teenager, but with a heart of gold. Bear is the “jester”. He thinks he’s funny, but he’s usually just gross.

Here’s Iris in a basket. She thinks she’s the queen of the house, so everyone else has a role, such as “jester”, “princess”, “sheriff”, etc. She has a very loose grip on reality.

Here’s Ichabod laying with Wolfgang. Ichabod has a spiritual side. He used to be very Christian, but now he’s going through a goth phase. Wolfgang is the youngest. Wolfie’s really smart, but also smug. He keeps reminding everyone that he reads a lot.

Here’s that last one, Marshmallow. He’s always trying to run out of the house because he’s an adventurer. He has a thick country accent (none of the other cats do). He likes to run up and down the hallways and tackle the other cats. He also likes to hang over the ledge of the cat tree.

Is anyone else this weird with their pets? I’m a relatively boring person, but I feel like this demonstrates what weirdos me and my wife are.


this Friday I was cleaning the bathrooms and our poor dumb kitten Oolong, who apparently hadn’t learned that toilets can open yet jumps without looking directly into the toilet bowl so now I am chasing a soaked kitten around the house with a towel which she does not seem to appreciate as much as I would imagine. Then I start to worry about what licking toilet bowl cleaner off of herself is going to do to her so I grab her and run her under the sink which she really doesn’t appreciate. and I spend the rest of the day low key terrified that she is going to start coughing up blood or something. Fortunately within fifteen minutes she seemed to have forgotten the whole thing.


We’ve always had pets growing up. I’m definitely more of a cat person. While I was still in school, we had as many as four cats in our house once. As they all began to pass on, we ended up with a couple of dogs – they were going to go to the pound and probably get put down.

Fozzie, a black pomeranian. These dogs have so much energy and personality. Very loving, very protective. I’ll never forget him.

And then Bandit, a clumsy Shitzu. He was such a lovable oaf, and a lot stronger than you’d think for a dog his size – I’d have to put all of my weight in to keeping him under control when he was on a leash otherwise he’d pull me over and I’m not a small man.

I was absolutely heartbroken when they died (Bandit first, then about a year later, Fozzie). We were talking about never getting pets ever again for as sad as we were. Almost as by coincidence, a neighbor was moving from Colorado to Florida and needed us to take care of her cat for a couple months while she got her living situation sorted out. Long story short, she’s our cat now. Here’s a very nice picture I took of her about nine months after we got her:

A big, very shy maine ■■■■ named May May. Doesn’t like to be held, doesn’t like to be touched in general unless you’re actively petting her. I’ve been breaking her of both these habits in the four and a half years since we got her. She was a very distant cat that didn’t really like anyone at first, and now she hides under me during thunderstorms for protection and sleeps with me in bed. At times it almost feels like we’re teaching her how to be a normal cat. I wonder what kind of life she originally had. I think we’re treating her a lot better than her previous owner probably did. She owned four cats herself but would frequently go on vacations for weeks at a time, unannounced. She gave us the key to her place and often we’d notice her car would be gone for a few days, and sure enough, we’d get a call from her – “can you go feed my cats?”

While over there, three of her four cats were terrified of us. The only cat that wasn’t afraid of us was an overweight black tabby named Spooky. We suspected Spooky ruled the house and would eat all of the food, leaving the other cats with nothing.

May May is the only cat of that four that presumably survived. The other three went in to a shelter and who knows what happened to them after that. Sometimes I wonder if May May misses them. (Probably not – I’ve caught her having nightmares sometimes where she growls in her sleep, and the moment she wakes up she runs to the food dish and eats, like she was dreaming about fighting over food)


Reviving this thread because I just got a rescue cat named Mallo and first off I just wanna show you how cute he is.

Very cute, right?

Secondly, I want to ask for any advice y’all could give as to how I can keep him from knocking literally any and all objects off of any and all surfaces. I got him a bunch of toys but realized that most of them (balls, laser pointers, etc) required me to be there to keep him occupied with them. I just bought some more toys he can play with by himself so hopefully that will help a bit, but any other suggestions would be appreciated. Tips for how to get a cat to not hop on a keyboard while I’m working would also be useful as he is maybe the most affectionate cat I have ever met

Finally, he has what may be a chronic URI. He’s currently on antibiotics, but if they don’t end up curing it he may just have to live with it. Does anyone have a cat with this condition and have any advice?


This is Woolly :slight_smile: We got him from the sanctuary last week. His previous owners didn’t want him anymore because he is already 12. Luckily he will get a good home at ours <3


this is nychta (basically pronounced neek-tah) hes such a weirdo i love him


This is Nico. He is a claw-tornado of black furry murder and cannot shut up. We adopted him in July. Apparently he was found inside a storm drain as a kitten and I think he’s taken that experience and decided that he will give zero fucks from now on. He’s also incredibly cuddly and always knows when you need someone to sleep on your neck. I love him.


here’s my cat, luna! as you might be able to tell from the second picture, she’s got a cute little nub tail. she is very chatty and a little short-tempered and i adore her.


This is Melon, he started showing up in my porch last winter. Now he’s a happy indoor kitty.

Enjoying the sunshine on the stairs.

High five for heated cat beds. He only uses this bed to wash, never sleep.

Melon only went onto the highest part of his cat tree once before this weekend.

Now he’s decided it is his new favourite spot.


I got a new camera few months ago, here’s a couple of newer pictures of my cat.


This is Wookiee. I say this with all the love possible: he is the dumbest dog I’ve ever seen. He does a thing where he pops off his front paws with every bark, which more than once has caused him to fall down a full flight of stairs when someone rang the doorbell. In his defense, he had severe hypoglycemia for the first year of his life, so he didn’t really have the dog learnin’ that he should.

And this is Wookiee’s older half-sister, Mogwai. She’s the queen and she knows it.


Ahhh best thread. Here are the various ding-dongs in my life:

Putnam is almost two and some sort of mutt with the very loud voice of a hound.

Bodie is a manx cat and likes the bed and covers.

Nora is an older pit-mix who does not like the outdoors but likes taking Putnam’s stuff (that’s Putnam’s bed).

Here some other photos of the dogs because any time I try and take a photo of the cat he hides.


Thunder and Lightning and my two big dumb dogs. They were found together and my parents couldn’t bare to separate them when we adopted them. Thunder (Big face spot) has been going deaf over the years and Lightning is just a ball of anxiety.


I’m just gonna leave this here… :joy::joy:

Image source:


this is my dog, Autumn


Autumn, that is such a great name for a dog :beers:


Oh, right. This thread is more for pictures, but a few days after I got my new camera, I shot this video of my cat that I’m still kind of proud of.

Around June, we actually got really scared that she was dying. We’d noticed she was losing weight all throughout 2018. She was originally a 13-14 pound Maine ■■■■, and I was surprised when I weighed her at the end of Spring and learned she had dropped to 9 pounds. She had been eating less, but we figured it was the summer heat combined with this being our first year in Nevada. Also, y’know, cats can just be picky like that, sometimes.

Then, she began getting VIOLENTLY sick all over our apartment and we couldn’t figure out why. It started with her getting sick once a day, then twice, and it progressed until she couldn’t keep any food down at all. Money was especially tight so we had to wait until payday before we could even think about taking her in to the vet, which was more than a week and a half away.

Things were getting dire. She stopped eating her food, but still kept trying to get sick. This went on for six days and it was clear she was getting sicker and sicker. For whatever reason, all of our previous cats had to be put down because the vet told us they had cancer, so we figured maybe she also had the same thing, even though our other cats never really had extreme projectile vomit like she did.

We got to reading and these were symptoms of an impacted hairball. Our cat was never really one to get many hairballs, oddly; she’d only really hack up a couple a year, but we were desperate and even just a checkup at the vet would likely be over a hundred dollars. After doing research on what brands work, we ended up getting some Hartz anti-hairball gel. Said it would take four days to work.

She kept trying to get sick. She would lay next to me all day, clearly uncomfortable, and still not eating. Two days passed. Three days passed. No change. Payday was literally on the fourth day, and if she didn’t show any signs of improvement, we were going to schedule an appointment and take her in, likely to be put down.

It was the evening of the fourth day, and my Mom started looking up local vets.

Minutes before she was going to pick up the phone and make the call, my cat got up off the floor, came over to me, and reached up, begging. It was dinner time. She wanted to eat. Not only did she eat for the first time in eight days, but she cleaned her plate.

Later that night, she got sick again. But this time, a massive hairball came up with it, a good four inches long. That happened a couple more times over the next few days. But she was obviously feeling better, as she was eating better than she had in a long, long time. You almost couldn’t give her enough food.

It’s November now and she’s gained most of her weight back. We brush her a lot more, and still give her the medicine, but much smaller doses. And she still gets sick, about once every 3-6 weeks, but usually it’s to get a hairball up. None of them have ever been quite as big as those first two.