Can a single character make you play a game you otherwise wouldn't?


This is a PAKKO thread. Pakko is a character in Gigantic. He/She/It is a adorable Yeti with a heart of gold who just wants to hug everyone and play with snow. Pakko thinks the entire game is a snowball fight. It slides around on it’s butt holding it’s toes, and spins around and makes snowmen and honestly when you play Pakko all of the chaos and fighting kinda fades away and you’re just playing Pakko. Look at the joy on the face of this good, sweet, innocent creature. Pakko even likes dressing up like other champions. Pakko is this world’s greatest cosplayer.


Pakko is Very Good and their presence automatically makes Gigantic matches more lovely.

As for other examples, crossover stuff will do that for me. Shovel Knight and Shantae being in Blaster Master are the reasons I’m picking it up when the former gets added. Also my thirst for Monster Girls will absolutely drive me to buy something if they’re in it.


If someone really sells me a particular character’s strengths in a game I’m not adverse to, I’ll definitely think about it, in the same way that “oh, this character is really bad representation” can dissuade me from something. I can’t think of a recent example where I played something on a character recommendation, but I’m definitely open to the possibility.


If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t be interested in Bastion without the narrator. I avoided it for a long time because all I saw were screenshots that looked completely uninteresting to me and I didn’t really commit to playing it until after I started playing and had a slow transition into, “WAIT HE DOES THIS THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!” And from there, I was hooked.


yes absolutely, here’s the reason why I started playing Chrono Cross


So then the question becomes, would you be interested in playing DotA2 with the default event announcer replaced with the dulcet tones of Rucks? Because that’s totally a thing, and Supergiant likes/understands MOBAs enough to have done some neat things with that from what I hear!


I got into MvC simply because I could fight fools as Spider Man. I think this is the hope of any franchise crossover or and guest characters