Can cereal be classified as a type of soup?

Seeing as how whether or not a hotdog is or is not a sandwich has become a hot topic as of late, I figured that I would echo this question that a friend asked me the other day.

Is cereal a type of soup?

There are cold soups. There are even dessert soups.

Why should cereal be denied soup status?

I eat Frosted Flakes without milk.


First, I just wouldn’t call milk a broth.

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Cereal, as eaten in America, requires no preparation of broth or stock so no, technically it is not a soup.


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It can’t be soup if it’s not cooked at some point.


That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve found soups with milk bases, but none that don’t require them to be cooked.

I love the creativity, but I can’t get behind this wild hypothesis.

I don’t out milk in so for me this is straight bogus but I also understand I am bogus

Tho where does this end, is any brothy food a soup?

Can porridge be soup

I should have specified milk+cereal.

I can’t really think of a dish that is a solid within a liquid that isn’t soup. Then I think about tomato soup and how it’s just a liquid, and now I’m regretting my decision to make this post.

I feel like I’ve asked a question that has too many possible answers (or lack thereof.) I liked the idea of the question and now not so much.

Gazpacho isn’t cooked. And it’s a cold soup.


I think the first thing that has to be answered is how much milk one puts in their cereal. If it’s less milk than cereal that’s potentially a stew. If it’s more than it’s likely a soup. But better.


This is the true underlying question of this thread.

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I’d call it a stew before I’d call it soup.

What is the cereal of video games

Do we want a genre of game or a specific title? Cereal is kind of like a genre of food.

I think I want a specific game.

But wait. It’d also be interested in knowing what the Lucky Charms / Shredded Wheat of games are.