Can we talk about the voicemail thing?


This definitely falls under the “conspiracy” category, and if that means that the mods would rather not have kind of thread here I completely understand and won’t make threads like this in the future.

But if this thread is OK, can we please talk about this? Part of me wants to stay as grounded and reasonable as possible, and part of me has gone insane with fear and excitement.


On one level I recognize that I’m using this to distract myself from the problems of the world, not just my own. But beyond that…what if this is what we need?

Let’s humor part of me and say it is aliens or something like that. Then it’s either obviously a good thing, more than likely a mixed good/bad bag, or just straight up bad. And at this point, I feel like there’s almost no way it can’t be somewhat a good thing even if it is something bad like mass abduction or something.

What if some kind of non-earth threat is exactly what our species needs to save us and everything else on earth from us?


Can you link to what you are actually talking about? Thanks!


I’ve seen this popping up around the internet but was pretty lost until yesterday night - there’s a long summarizing reddit thread here (I haven’t read the whole thing yet) if anyone else is feeling very ??? like I was.

I love a good conspiracy/ARG/internet horror piece/inexplicable series of events, and like you said, they’re fun for distracting yourself from real pressing issues so I’m happily following along for rn


The original post is gone and the guy that posted it either deactivated his account or someone else did. Here’s the original video though, other people have gotten the voicemail too apparently.


I thought it was an ARG too at first, but now I’m not so sure. I’m along for this ride regardless though.


Oh! This is the Cicada stuff. What the reddit thread doesn’t mention is this Cicada puzzle stuff has been around for a long time – since at least 2012, maybe even earlier.

It’s thought to be a recruitment tool – whoever can crack the puzzle gets a job doing codebreaking for the government (but which government?). A new Cicada puzzle seems to pop up every year or two but you never hear of if anyone ever solves one.


Not be a downer but I highly doubt this is the real Cicada group or some shadow government agency.

  • Does not provide PGP key

Every time Cicada 3301 has communicated in the past about important things they have signed with their PGP key.

Why would they all of a sudden decide to use an entire new account, that has no PGP keys or credible history attached to it?

  • All of the puzzles are not even that hard.

Seriously these puzzles are incredibly weak. Do they weave a narrative? Sure, couple that with it being tied into a modern day mystery and you are going to hook people. Complex and hard to solve like puzzles in the past though? Not really.

The whole thing reeks of an individual or group who had a fascination with Cicada and decided they wanted to make their own version of it. It’s the kind of thing friends and I have talked about wanting to do to troll /r/conspiracy because the majority of people in there would be incredibly easy to mess with seeing as how far they will go to believe things like crisis actors.

I mean come on read some of the comments in that thread including what the OP of it felt was necessary to include.

Do people really think this is how viruses or information tampering work? You can restart your computer and now google can do the search properly?

Then you have this person talking about aliens and how Trump talking about wanting a space based military = aliens exist and we must fight them…

And if this was really top secret government stuff why on earth would they use such weak encryption methods? Most of the people in /r/conspiracy are not even buying it.


I’m a pretty skeptical person, but I also have a fascination with conspiracy theories and things like this. All said, there’s very little going on here that grounds the claims here, and has pretty clear traces of creation. (See: the ominous vague messages supposedly sent out) I can say with relative certainty that this is a hoax. A fun hoax, but a hoax nonetheless.


There are definitely conspiracy trolls out there, too. And not even necessarily conspiracy trolls, but I think I stumbled upon like, an illuminati RP on Twitter, once?

I had to open my DMs for some tech support thing that needed to talk to me, and I just left them open because it didn’t seem to be doing me any harm. What got me to close them was getting a bizarre picture message from somebody with a cryptic username

His avatar was the outline of a diamond on a black background, and the image(s) I was sent were halfway between blueprints and timecube ramblings. Lots of text about humanity being cattle, or something, I honestly don’t remember. The diamond logo featured prominently.

Took a look at his twitter profile, and it was wall-to-wall that kind of stuff. Vaguely cryptic postings, always images, etc. A little internet detective work on his mutuals and the conversations they were having revealed the users touting what may as well have been usernames like xXSephirothIlluminatiXx. They were all talking to each other like they were characters in an episode of the X-Files… on public twitter. Yeah, I’m sure they were super undercover.

I blocked him, some of his mutuals, and closed my DMs. I didn’t like the idea of randos sending me junk like that without me asking for it. Wish I could remember his username now, though. In the context of this thread it would be good for a laugh


Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a hoax, but in the event it’s not…maybe this could bring us closer to getting answers about them alien alloys? Pretty please?


I need to know more about those alloys.


Obviously Vilgax’s doing.