Can we talk about the Waypoint Facebook page?


So I recently subscribed to the Waypoint Facebook page at the behest of Austin on a recent podcast. Though I know Facebook as a whole is a cesspool, I was hoping Waypoint’s brand of positivity and inclusivity would make this group different. But of course it isn’t, it’s the same type of troglodytes that over and over make comment sections unbearable. The amount of vileness and transphobia in the recent South Park piece was particularly galling.

My quandary is this: while I do want to support the site in any way I can, shouldn’t I reasonably expect that anything that I’m pushed to with Waypoint branding be consistent with the ethos of the site? Or is there something about Facebook that I’m not understanding?


Right. So. I don’t use my FB anymore for the reasons you mentioned. It’s kind of an irredeemable cesspool. But sometimes I’ll hop on there and share an article I liked in the hopes that someone will see it and it will get them to think more critically about a topic. That usually doesn’t happen, but sometimes it does.

Another thing to consider: even though FB is garbage it has the highest user traffic of any social media space and those numbers matter.


I use Facebook regularly to keep in touch with individual people (and some small Facebook groups based on those friends/family) but any Facebook page from a company/website/whatever is going to be a cesspit.

Facebook promotional communities need so much time and $$$ to actually make a non-vile community without making it private or invite-only that the only people and organizations that kinda sorta pull it off are already so big that they don’t need it. Even for something like Vice modding and community managing a Facebook page is a whole other dimension from a message board. Very few companies will do anything about that and just leave it to Facebook’s own content moderators. But a big part of that is because Facebook wasn’t really built with moderation or guiding a conversation in mind, so you’d have to have an army of people just full time babysitting it to make it work.


Danika has a little more insight on this but as someone who mods literally other social space Waypoint has, I can tell you that the biggest problem with Facebook is that it has absolutely no moderation tools. I believe Danika herself can do some stuff on that end but that’s inefficient at best.

It’s something I struggle with myself, as someone who deeply cares about the community we’ve all cultivated. I think the thing I can do is help you all feel safe enough to talk about how good this place is, and hopefully that encourages people elsewhere to try and match us.

You’re not obligated to interact with every aspect of the Waypoint community, and when you engage with us in good faith, you’re a valued part of it no matter how you connect with us.


Facebook is trash. You’re already on the website, proper. No need to wade into the cesspool.


Thanks for the insight on Facebook moderation. I suppose the whiplash of going from these forums to there was a bit of a shock. I guess I’ll just mute the group so that Vice can count me in their social media metrics while I avoid the incoherent screams of the mob.

On a related note, I appreciate all the work you mods do. This is definitely the nicest gaming community I’ve ever been a part of and it’s all because of you folks. Keep up the great work!

EDIT: “there” not “their”