Can You Still Party When You're Dead?

All I can really say is that the Hooded Men did not want to share cake. They made me sign an NDA about the rest.

So, um, apropos of nothing, can ghosts still get crunked up? I mean, it’s obvious that we, I mean they, can still post and sign NDAs, but it would be a real bummer if we couldn’t get crunked out. My guess is, and I say this with NO special knowledge, being a ghost is boring as hell. If they can’t get crunk then they would probably be really bummed.

From what I’ve heard you have to make sure you have a grave, and then you just keep spinning in circles. The partying will start eventually. But you didn’t hear it from me!

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also, unrelated, do ghosts REALLY have to pay rent? I mean if I were to guess, I would say that most people would be surprised if they learned they had to pay rent after they died. I mean, I BET they would just be okay chilling in their old apartment while some alive people moved in, and playing their xbox occasionally. I mean like, they died, ya know? I for one would be pissed if I learned that my lease was still active after I died. I’d be really mad. I’d be so mad

Ghosts should, assuming all the paperwork is handled properly, not be paying rent to humans. You may have a haunt-lord, which is like a land lord that is in charge of haunting your particular area. In that case you should pay them (currency varies depending on the plane of non-existence you’ve ended up on). You can play people’s games every once in a while, just make sure not to delete any save files or get ectoplasm on the controller, because that’s how you get people to call an exorcist.


two words my bud :



Historical Biography Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride posits that in the victorian era, not only did the dead party and get drunk nonstop, they partied to jazz music which the living hadnt even invented yet

Consider the following - not only is everyone you know who has died partying their fucking asses off right now, theyre doing it to music your boring slow living self wont get to hear for 40 years.

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If we reach the point where we can back our minds up to the cloud can we digitally party after our bodies are dead? Will there be an exclusive Second Life server for our minds?

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look i can’t say FOR SURE, but my intuition tells me that everyone who’s logged onto second life goes straight to hell. But remember, I’m just speculating. I definitely didn’t watch it happen. Definitely not.

Q: Can You Still Party When You’re Dead?

A: The Party function is only available when the player is still alive. Please respawn at a town in order join a party of other players.

Only if you’re a skeleton.

ppl think those danse macabre paintings are a metaphor for the ever present specter of death, but actually they are depicting the real known fact that skeletons love to boogey.

You can, but you need dead friends to party with. They are somewhat picky, it’s not like one can just die and expect to be their friend right away. Your corpse must be proper dead, disgustingly rotten, disfigurated, or with the flesh falling from the bone. Skeletons are the god-tier of course, but that takes time.

a little party never killed nobody imo

Don’t think I’ve ever met a happy ghost, much less one willing to groove

u haven’t mat the right ghosts, my pal, my friend, my booddy

Tbh im still alive so, maybe just not the friend ghosts what to have you know