Canada: Jagmeet Singh wins leadership of federal NDP on first ballot


For those unfamiliar with Canadian politics, this basically means he’ll be the NDP’s (most left wing major party) candidate for Prime Minister, except we don’t really vote for the Prime Minister. Rather whoever is the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament gets to be Prime Minister and form government.

Also he doesn’t have a seat in the federal parliament right now so he might try to win one in a byelection or wait until the 2019 election to run for a federal seat.


You might remember him from this incident.

And his brilliant response.


Fellow Canadian!

I think this is great news. Do you like universal health care? We have it thanks to the NDP! I really wanted to like the other 3 Candidates but they just didn’t seem to have any teeth when it came to policy or actual plans. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. My main concern, as always, is that the left will split it’s vote between JS and JT and the many many many many conservatives in Canada only have one party to vote for.


Oh, I’ve seen a video of this duder being confronted by that bigot.


I don’t think liberal Canadians splitting the vote is necessarily a bad thing. After years of Harper’s mismanagement and their current disarray, there is no way the PCs are getting a solid majority (especially with their recent overtures to Trump style racist dog whistles). That leaves a possibility of a coalition government, which I’m fine with.


Great points! I am hopeful about the next few years.


It’s an amazing achievement that a person of colour is finally a leader of a federal party! It’s huge progress, and as a brown guy it makes me happy too to see.

I’m just worried this guy is going to face a lot of bullshit simply because of his religious headwear, especially from Quebec. He already was heckled by an ignorant woman not too long ago, I think it’ll get worse. Canada isn’t immune to that kind of racism, so I fully expect to see more as get closer to the 2019 election.

One thing I think both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have done really well is get younger people interested in politics and to listen to the concerns of the next generation. I’m 26 years old, but this is the most engaged in Canadian politics I’ve ever been.


With Singh’s election Trudeau is the oldest leader of a major federal party, which is pretty funny considering the attacks used on him in the last election. This marks a notable generational shift, past the “Boomers”

As per Abacus Data from May.

Millenials are now the largest portion of the electorate.

I do wonder if the situation in American politics might also be rubbing off here and increasing engagement in politics. Maybe it’d be cool to have a Canadian politics thread here?


I don’t know a ton about Singh, I only realized from this thread he was the guy from the video with the woman shouting at him that was popping up all over a little bit ago. but at the first blush I really like him he gets me excited about the NDP in a way that Tom Mulcair never really did. Jack Layton’s untimely death was a tragedy on a lot of levels first and foremost for his friends and family but politically it really knocked the wind and momentum out of the NDP after basically their best year as a party in possibly ever. Jagmeet is giving me hope that he could be the leader to pull the party together and get back some of that momentum.

Also, it’s a bit shallow to think about him just in terms of his race and religion and the NDP are still the long shot, But it’s undeniably exciting to me that in a few years Canada’s Prime Minister, our face to the world, could a second generation Indian immigrant and so visibly Sikh. Is there even precedent for that in the western world? there could well be, and I don’t want to big up Canada based on my ignorance of the european politics, but either way I think it’s a great achievement for the multiculturalism that Canada is so proud of even if we are not always as good at it as we like to pretend.

And on an even more shallow level, have you seen his Wikipedia picture?

Maybe Canada’s new thing could be that our prime ministers are all hot now. I gotta admit, it’s kind of a good feeling.



Ireland has Leo Vakader.

I would make a point there’s still a lot a party can do while in opposition. Tommy Douglas was instrumental in bringing Medicare to Canada. Participation in committees and question period is important. That’s where they can do things like force pro-choice Conservative MPs to chair a committee in place of the pro-life Conservative MP the CPC wanted as chair (tbh that one’s kind of weird.)