Can't "Configure Preferences" for Data Collection


When I try to open an article on the Waypoint site or the homepage of the site itself ( I get the “We Need Your Consent” pop up that’s supposed to allow me to reject tracking cookies. The two options on the pop up are “Accept” and “Configure Preferences”, but when I click “Configure Preferences” all that happens is the pop up goes away. The site stays greyed out and inaccessible. And no pop up appears that allows me to set my preferences.

I’m on Firefox 64.0 64 Bit, Windows 7.

After I click that Configure Preferences button, I just get this and nothing ever loads in:

I haven’t clicked Accept and would rather not, but if it’s important for testing I can try it.


Have you tried other browsers?


Don’t know why I didn’t try that!

Works fine with Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) so it seems to be a Firefox issue maybe?


Firefox is a very security-focused browser, and it often stops pop-ups or questionable JavaScript. Sometimes, it’s a little overzealous. Could be related to that. Also, Chrome is often the “default” browser for which web developers develop, so it’s not uncommon for other browsers to get neglected when checking newly developed features. Lastly, could be a plug-in you’re running! Ya never know.


It’s worth going through the process if you can, and as an added bonus, it turns out that the “Reject all” option, does not in fact reject all. Instead it opts out of each of the listed sections, but if you check the full list there are still about 50 that you have to manually reject


Aha, I found the culprit. An add on called Privacy Badger. My adblock was off, but I forgot that was still active. With it disabled, this problem stopped.

Thanks for the tip about “Reject all”! Though I have unfortunately already gone through the opting out by clicking Reject All.