Cappy and Tiara, from Mario Odyssey, definitely fuck, right?

The question as to whether or not Mario and Peach have ever engaged in sexual liaisons because they have never been engaged in any traditional romantic relationship and Mushroom kingdom rules on sexual liaisons are unclear(storks). But I feel it is patently obvious from how they are portrayed that they definitely have a healthy sexual lifestyle.

Do you have any thoughts on these two hats fucking?

Aren’t they siblings? I guess this is Nintendo so that dosn’t really mean much

After Fire Emblem: Fates, nothing is sacred.


It’s okay the hats are actually 12,000 year old dragons

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Tired: Incest Pairing
Wired: Mario & Cappy pairing
Inspired: Tiara & Peach pairing


Galaxy Brain: Having them hook up after being damseled for 10 hours isn’t all that subversive but good for them anyways I guess


Y’all nasty


Where are Cappy’s/Tiara’s sex organs?

Asking for a friend.

Wherever your friend wants them


Do they say that in-game? When, in the post game, you see her and she yells “Cappy.” That ain’t no brotherly yell.

GOD its like you didnt even PAY ATTENTION to the STORY !!!

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