'Captain Toad' Is Basically Upside-Down Mario, and That's Why It's Great

In one of my first pieces ever for Waypoint, way back in my first week, I talked about how great the Wii U was, as a console. It had some of the finest games at the time.

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I’ve been having a ton of fun with this game! I pretty much agree with every point Danielle makes in the review, but I do have some stray thoughts:

  1. This version of the Captain Toad theme is so much better. Gimme those kazoo noises!
  2. Captain Toad needs to be in the Mario games outside the mainline games too! Like, I’d play as him in Mario Kart or Super Mario Party. Give me this! (Pauline too)
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Anyone have thoughts on the 3ds version? I don’t have a switch, so that’s the only way I’d be able to play this

Just bought this game today for my Switch. I’ve been meaning to play this game since… E3 2014? It’s just the most adorably perfect thing ever.