CaptainZack is everything great in esports, even for nonfans

His intro from CEO 2017 is actually godlike

His taunt at Civil War


If everybody in Esports had a persona, outlandish quirks, and flamboyant showmanship like this, I’d be 10,000% more interested.


List of people currently in that category: Captzack, sonicfox, punk, peanut, smug, Aris(not a pro, but a caster), I’m sure I could list more if i wasn’t eating.

Basically, I want them to be pro-wrestlers.

Same. I’ve long stated that league of legends should do more with the music and pageantry of teams entering the arena.

Never gonna get over the Kbrad intro.

With music (super loud):

The Dieminion one is also…something

It’s stuff like this that usually get me invested into a player. Poongkos taking the shirt off bit always got my hyped

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Kbrad is a god but Captainzack is only 16, he’s got years to develop into a god like him.

KBrad rules. Also if you want more pro wrestling-flavour esports, CEO is always worth watching. Even the more reserved players end up having at least a lil fun with their ring entrances, and then people like Pokchop just go all the way in.


porkchop is my BOY.

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