Cardboard & Coins - the modern board game thread


Just saw this Kickstarter on Board Game Geek. Absolutely gorgeous game:

Not sure how it would hold up in the long run, or if it will be printed in English, but the art is flippin’ gorgeous.


Board games! I like board games. Most recently played a co op game of mage knight with a buddy and that game is a-ok. Even if the “two player blitz” we played still took… like four hours.


I’ve also seen the giant Roborally game at GenCon. I’ve always wanted to get in on one of the sessions, but I generally have some other event to go to.

I actually get every game developer I can to play Roborally, because I find it to be a great simulation of the game development process.

“I have a plan! It’ll work!”

It helps that the game is actually fun, too. I agree with @StitchFace that it’s best to play it (or any game, if you can) first with someone that knows the game, but even then it isn’t that difficult to get into.


If you’re into Warhammer, like tactical play, want very little setup, and loves you some aesthetics, then I have to recommend Gorechosen. It’s a little arena combat game set in the Warhammer universe where you get a hand of cards each turn and turn order is randomly decided. If you go hard on offense one turn, your character gets a little tired, and you have less actions to take the next turn. There’s a neat wounding system that can make your character weaker offensively, and there’s a very small chance that any given attack will simply behead the opponent, ending the game immediately.

Once GW broke it off with FFG and started making their own standalone games, I have to say that I was very skeptical, since the FFG “style” lends itself so well to Warhammer’s mythos. They really nailed it with this one, though. The only caveat I’d offer is that you have to be prepared for the possibility of being knocked out early while your opponents continue to fight. You still get to influence the action a bit from beyond the grave, so you can get revenge in your own small way, and the matches aren’t super long so it’s not painful, but it can be a bit disheartening when you get slain before the axe even falls.

Still - great game, and the number of minis you get in the box more than makes up for the price. There are even people tearing the minis out and selling them piecemeal to pay for the game itself.


I adore Netrunner! It’s asymmetric, which is rarely pulled off with as much elegance as it is in Netrunner. Since you mentioned MTG in your original post, there are two other self-contained (non-CCG) games that I want to bring up. The first is Epic Card Game, which is essentially MTG in a single box. It plays fast, the rules are simple, and everything is OP. The second is a bit more complicated, but it also shot to being one of the best games in my collection after playing it. It’s called Codex, and it’s essentially MTG meets Warcraft 3 in a card game format. It’s also non-CCG, so you can get everything you need in either the starter box or the core set. There are only two other expansions for the game that add new factions, and they’re both reasonably priced. I think that Codex hits all of the things you’re looking for.


On the topic of self contained card games (speaking as a person that owns pretty much all of Netrunner and yet has never played it…) I have to bring up Star Realms, which is made by the same company that made Epic Card Game. I do own a physical version of base Star Realms (actually 3 copies because they can be combined to make a 6 player game) but most of my play is done on the app, where all the expansions are also available. There’s asynchronous multiplayer, and as of posting this, I’ve gotten in 1,997 games. It’s real good and super easy to take your turn during a lull in a meeting or during commercial breaks. You have to pay for the capability to play multiplayer, and each expansion is a few bucks on top of it, but they’re all well worth it. I’ve probably put more time into this game than any other game, if I’m honest - I’ll often play through the various singleplayer campaigns when waiting for a bus or in a waiting room.

If anyone picks it up based on this recommendation, feel free to challenge me - I’m always looking for new opponents! My Star Realms username is the same as it is here. I’ve got a 56% win percentage so your odds are pretty good, too.


Have you gotten to try out Hero Realms? It’s sitting here next to me on my work desk. I’ve only played it a few times, but it’s basically fantasy Star Realms with a few twists. Either way, totally agree that Star Realms is good fun and the app is really well made!


I haven’t yet. To be honest, the reviews as “basically Star Realms” aren’t getting me as excited to try it as you’d think, given that I already just have Star Realms to play. My goal is to snag it off the shelf someday at FFG and give it a shot.

Wasn’t there a Lovecraftian version of Star Realms, too? Or am I thinking of the Arkham card game?


There is indeed Cthulhu Realms.


Yea, Cthulhu Realms. It’s pretty neat, if not just a straight up reskin of Star Realms though. I played it a few times and enjoyed it.


I should get back into Star Realms, but most of my mobile card gaming is taken up by Ascension. I know some people don’t like Ascension, but I’ve been playing for years now and still really enjoy it. Both the physical and digital versions.


Man, the digital version of Ascension is fantastic.


Feel free to send me a game invite anytime! I’m Nerdsbeware on there too!


I thought I’d share my board game shelf as well - I built those shelves on the right to hold the overflow.


Speaking of digital versions of games, the digital version of Race for the Galaxy just released on ios and android! It’s a pretty good tableau-based card game that has very varied win conditions, and while the theme is a bit bland, the art is pretty good.


I’ve been meaning to get into that game (and Roll) so this might be a good intro. Is it on tablet only or phones too?


It’s out for phones as well! The small screen makes the cards a bit small, but you can zoom in. I have a 6+ and works pretty well on it.


I see that you have Smallworld on the bottom shelf there. If you’re interested in digital versions of tabletop games, I would highly suggest Smallworld. Its digital adaptation on iOS is wonderful and makes it a lot easier to introduce to people who’ve never played before due to the lack of setup. There’s also three expansions, which add some variety to future gameplay sessions.


Ah man, board games are great. My friends Phill and Tom got super into board games, so much so that they’ve started a local board gaming club called The Board Room in Providence, RI. Over the past couple of years it has grown into a library of hundreds of games. Members pay dues to covers the rent and the cost of new games, and the space is open regularly (three times a week for members with Wednesday nights open to non-members as well, plus more if someone feels like opening for a special occasion).

So I get to play all these board games without having to actually own any of them! Which is amazing! And the group is mostly mature chill people (median age in the mid-thirties, not just dudes).

I actually just came from there. Today, for example, I played:

  • Stone Age - a worker placement game where you and your friends play as a stone age village and have to gather resources to build huts and develop technology while trying to make sure you have enough food to feed your villagers
  • The Grizzled, a co-op game where you and your buddies play a band of French soldiers who are trying to survive World War I. You have a hand full of cards you’re trying to get rid of that either represent threats (like “Gas Mask” or “Snow”) or psychological problems (like “Mute” which prevents you from talking or “Tyrannical” which prevents your character from giving rousing speeches that remove cards from other players’ hands). It captures this feeling of camaraderie of trying to help each other survive this desperate situation that usually just keeps getting worse
  • Roll Player, which is actually a puzzle game themed around building a character for a traditional RPG. You get cards representing your race, class, background, and alignment. Throughout the game, you get a bunch of six sided dice that you’re trying to manipulate into different positions on your “character sheet” to match the requirements from these cards. There’s a bunch of different ways to manipulate the dice throughout the game (e.g. when you assign one of the dice to “Strength” you flip one of a die to the value on its opposite side, or if you have a jeweled dagger all your gold dice are worth an extra point, or if you get the Cure Wounds skill you can increase the value of one of your dice each turn but you have to move one space towards “good” on the alignment chart). This one was new to me; there’s a lot going on but it’s fun.

And I definitely heard other people playing some dexterity games (Flick 'Em Up and Ice Cool), fiddly Euro-style games (a card game version of Power Grid) and a drafting game (Treasure Hunter).

It’s a great place to hang out if you happen to be in the Providence area.


I like the look of Roll Player - is it more about rolling dice and then assigning the values, or about having the values set in place and then manipulating them without moving them? I’ve had my eye strongly on Sagrada, which is done by a place here in MN. I really like the concept of assigning dice based on a bunch of rules or a desired end-state. Plus I just like the aesthetic.

I did play a single round of Stone Age before a fest once (we didn’t finish, unfortunately) and it seemed really slick. I didn’t think I’d get into it until the scarcity mechanic really clicked with me and forced me to start planning my moves out way far in advance. I haven’t been able to get another game in since, and I’m really antsy to try again.