Castlevania Animated Series


Who’s excited for this?

The series looks to have a pretty good pedigree, I am approximately 89% stoked.


I had no idea this was dropping so soon. I remember hearing rumors about Warren Ellis writing it as far back as ten years ago. It’s hard to imagine its finally happening now. This teaser looks fantastic too!


I’m pretty excited! After Lords of Shadow 2 I figured Konami had abandoned Castlevania and assumed I would never get another Castlevania game ever again. So when this got announced I got really excited that I was still going to get something Castlevania.

It looks like they are basing it on Dracula’s Curse which hopefully means they will do Symphony of the Night in the future.


But is it anime?


It’s definitely not a sandwich, if this is where we’re headed.


I’m definitely interested in this. Castlevania is cool and anime is cool, what could possibly go wrong.


I’m pretty excited for this. I fell in love with the Castlevania series with Aria of Sorrow on GBA, and I’m a staunch defender of the first Lords of Shadow game. Add Warren Ellis in and you’ve got me, hook, line, and sinker.


Here’s me stupidly getting annoyed at Netflix’s teaser for acting like there hasn’t been a fresh Castlevania games since the NES (I get it, they’re adapting stuff from the early ones).

But seriously, like @SomeCoolGuy said, I’m just happy to have anything Castlevania-related coming out. Will watch!


Very much down for this. I’m not sure there’s a direction they can take it based on that trailer that I won’t be down for, fundamentally. Obviously the execution might be lacking, but conceptually this can’t possibly not be up my street I’m thinking. Plus if it does well they might go on to the dumb modern day stuff Dawn of Sorrow just sort of brushed over. Slice of Life anime that just so happens to star the descendant of Dracula.


Looks anime as hell but will it feel like a “western anime”?


Reeeeally hoping Alucard pops up at some point


I mean it is explicitly an adaption of Castlevania III, unless something has changed, but that definitely looks like Alucard and Sypha at 1:03.


OK, just dug up this gem from when Ellis was originally adapting CVIII into a movie in 2007, regarding IGAs involvement:

“He remains absolutely passionate about Castlevania. After eight rewrites of pre-production material, I remain absolutely passionate about beating the crap out of IGA in a dark alleyway one day.”

Poor IGA.


Anime is real and I am ready



I mean while we’re posting music, I’m gonna riot if there’s no Vampire Killer in there.


50% of my excitement is due to Warren Ellis. The other 50% is due to seeing about half a second of Sypha in there. But that adds up to being fairly excited.


if it’s dracula’s curse, then alucard is def on the cards. let’s just hope they keep true to his wonderful femme symphony of the night design


Hey, that season 2 sure was fricking great huh?


I just started watching this last night and am five episodes in – it is really quite good. I think the first season has some rough patches in terms of the production (some voice lines are borderline inaudible and don’t really ‘land’ properly), but Season 2 seems like a big step up from its first step and I’m interested to see where it goes.