Castlevania Animated Series


I freakin adore Trevor’s whip technique. It wasn’t just a normal whipping here and a whiplash there, he was doing shaolin rope dart shit.


That last scene. Holy shit.


I really appreciated that this show devoted an entire episode to setting up the next season instead the final episode having like a one minute cliffhanger of OH SHIT SO AND SO WANTS REVENGE!?!?! like so many shows do.

Are there any other shows that have done this well? Twin Peaks season 3 did it with a two hour finale where the second half set up a bunch of new stuff. EXOSquad did something similar with an epilogue episode that setup a new season that never happened. It felt really organic with setting up new stories and rivalries and so on while still feeling like the season we got was a complete story.

I really love how the part towards the end where Dracula opens his cape to shoot a fireball like in almost every game but it’s not him just shooting a fireball but him barely containing the power of the vampire killer whip and sending it back at them and they made it look like the huge fireballs he started using in Dracula X which is one of the game series’ more subtle (and probably unintentional even) nods to something, in this case the very distinct fireballs Walken uses in Baoh.

The action in general was great in this episode. I loved it a lot in the first season too because it didn’t look like too much like Devil May Cry or Vampire Hunter D or a wuxia flick or otherwise TOO derivative of stuff. LIke it just looks like Castlevania characters doing Castlevania things with some extra flair and that owns.


through the whole thing i just loved all the nods to stuff in the games even down to in the first season where Trevor throws an axe to cut a rope or hit a dude or something high up among the roofs and it flies with a super goofy arc ala the Belmont axe throwing technique past down for generations.
and pretty much every second Dracula was on screen where he was being super extra or sad i just ate up every second.
i thought it was real good yall.


Not to ship on main, but Trevor and Sypha and Alucard are my OT3 and nothing will take this away from me. Nothing.


I’ve now wrapped on watching this and did enjoy it quite a lot. I do have some issues with the second season, but I think they’re pretty marginal and the season came together well in a way that advanced its predecessor.

I think the balance between the main party and Dracula’s war council ended up being skewed too far in the wrong direction, and, even then, overwhelmingly focused on a handful of characters. While I appreciate that they’re setting up Hector, Isaac, and Carmilla as future main antagonists, we barely got anything from Trevor, Sypha, and Isaac after Episode 2. We check in here and there and get something of a feel for the team dynamic, but it’s really on the margins of the narrative up until Episode 6.

I really enjoyed their team dynamic and so not getting that much seems like a misstep.

Also, what @Hache said!


I definitely did kinda bristle at the fact that Trevor, Sypha and Alucard basically spend 4 or 5 episodes hanging out in a basement. They do try to alleviate some of the downtime with some pretty nice character moments, but I just wish there was more of it. As lovely as the last moments between those three were I feel like they would have been even better if they had taken a bit more time to flesh out their relationships and how they develop.


Firmly believe this show kicks butt. First season is alright, don’t love it, feels more like a teaser for an Actual Season. Second season though? Yeah that’s my jam. Great action, dumb Vampire politics that I’m here for, the interactions between Isaac & Hector with the Vampires and the power dynamics in those conversations. Dracula looking daddy af. This is the most INTO an anime series I have been in awhile. The monster design I think put it over the top. I want to see Trevor whipping some scary mummy type beings all day long.


what about liam neesons though


Okay here’s my longer take:

Pros for Castlevania S2

  • The vampire court have good designs.
  • The characters are, as individuals, pretty good.
  • Interactions between the heroic trio are very good when they happen.
  • Trevor and Sypha don’t just kiss at the end and couple up and instead it’s signaled that they’ll work on building a friendship before a romance.
  • Carmilla is evil and she’s good at being evil.
  • Isaac and Hector’s characters salvaged from their awful, awful video game. Especially Isaac.
  • Dracula is a sad hot dad.
  • Godbrand is a funny idiot.
  • Alucard doesn’t just go to sleep for several centuries, which I always thought was fucking stupid.

Cons for Castlevania S2

  • Godbrand’s stupidity eats valuable screentime from other characters it would be better used on.
  • Carmilla has a point with her hatred for men, but the show doesn’t just give her Laura to cement the fact that she’s a huge lesbian. Though granted, I’m not a huge fan of the optics on queer folks just being evil.
  • More time is spent on vampire politics and the fleshing out and set up of the devil forgers than is spent on the Three Hunters, and I’m not actually here for that!
  • The scene where all the vampires go and raid a village is just unnecessary gore for the sake of it, and none of the PoC members of the vampire court get any spoken lines.
  • The cultures that the vampire court represent have their own vampire adjacent mythos (i.e. jiangshi, vetala), so including them there and subservient to some depressed asshole from eastern Europe doesn’t make much sense and makes their under-utilization worse.
  • Having the night hordes retroactively be mostly the creations of the devil forgers takes away from the interest that was piqued in me when that big demon read that priest to filth and bit his head off in S1.
  • Changing Isaac away from being a rampant gay stereotype obsessed with a male protagonist is good, but there are some really bad optics on making the only speaking black role in your cartoon a former slave who continues to whip himself after attaining his freedom for some contrived reason.

All in all, I believe this show would have been better if they stretched it out to Season 3. Instead of just having all the vampire politics take center stage with nearly no screen time for much else, they could have done a long season with a good balance and set up. Maybe instead of having Sypha move the castle and break it, just have her break it. That way you could have the trio travelling and helping people as they make their way to the castle, which would serve to develop them a bit more while having them do more interesting things than being in a basement talking to each other.

Also, that last interaction between Alucard, Sypha and Trevor after they kill Dracula and leave the castle to look at the sunset is very good. It felt like Ellis was trying to set up things in a way that Alucard would be in a place where Trevor and Sypha could still come back and visit him in the Castle and the Belmont Hold, and damn if that isn’t going to be the premise of at least 68% of the fic being written after S2. Thanks in advance, fanfic writers.


im really excited for season 3. They’ve left so many threads open, there’s a lot to explore, and I’m interested in ALL of it.


So uh

Not only is there gonna be a Devil May Cry series by the same folks, which is a match made in heaven, but they’re gonna share a universe, apparantly?!?!? Like this series already reminded me quite a bit of the old Devil May Cry anime since the begining, this is wild and extremely cool.


I’m super hyped for this. :open_mouth: