Castlevania Animated Series

I’m just digging into S3 now and mostly spoiled myself on the end b/c I knew a bunch of stuff happened that I wouldn’t like.


The Weird Race Shit with Hector and Lenore really fucking skeeves me out. Not in the same way that Isaac’s did, but it’s pretty up there. None of the sex that goes down in the second to last episode feels necessary, and it’s all done under false and manipulative pretenses, which makes it about 100x worse. It’s also fucking horrid how they introduce two Asian characters for the sole purpose of befriending and then betraying Alucard because… they’re traumatized. That’s basically it. I wouldn’t go as far to say that Alucard is “turning evil” but he’s 100% doing the whole vindictive isolation thing that his dad did before he met his mom.

My imo is that S3 is going to be pretty good with Isaac, and pretty boring for everyone else. All in all, it doesn’t feel like they really know where to go storywise, which is probably a side effect of them not knowing when they’re going to end this show or even where it’s going.

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