Catan at 25: Checking in on a Once-Revolutionary Board Game

The tabletop games market of the early 1990s was a curious place. Some things were almost identical and some things were so very, very different. All the same enduring staples existed then as do today, brought out again and again for holiday gatherings. Scrabble had players pouring over dictionaries and every themed version of Monopoly dragged on for hours. For most people, this was the sum total of tabletop gaming, but right at the fringes of the scene were a collection of niches as slim as they were specific.

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I don’t have much to add other then I really like Catan and that this was a great article :grin: Catan and Ticket to Ride are still my go to games to break out at a family gathering because of how easy they are to teach while still providing a surprising amount of depth. Even my mom who normally hates anything that isn’t boggle or Scrabble liked playing them.