CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)

I’m seeing some streamers i typically really like doing thronebreaker streams rn “Sponsored by Gog .com”. they probably have contractual reasons they wouldn’t be able to avoid it but its really frustrating to log onto twitch and see


Yeah, I got the same response. Here’s a screenshot of it:

Told them I didn’t ask to see their non-apology and their commitment to do nothing about it and to delete my account.


Has that ever actually happened to anyone? I remember there was concern when it was spotted in the ToS but it looks like it’s been removed since.

loving this company mandate for PR to jump up and down screeching “we apologized! we apologized! look look look! you jerk!” when asked by a tiny group of users to exercise a common basic platform right.

I wonder if all the GG-adjacent consumer advocate warriors will hold their almighty DRM Is Poopy dot com (buy ur merch 2day) pro-consumer deities accountable for disrespecting the free market expression of trust and desire from their consumers.



“GOG should stick to games” is both a tacit admission that they don’t feel like their politics are actually bad, and perfectly in line with how GAMERS feel about developers shoving their hated politics into their games by including GASP!!! a gender option


Part of me thinks that for their business and their audience, this is actually a perfect response. It reaffirms their whole brand while taking no responsibility, which makes it seem even more heinous and cynical.


they’re required to follow GDPR. send them a strongly worded email imho. get them in as much hot water as possible. be a nightmare customer. but like , don’t curse them out.

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they know exactly who their audience is (protectionist gamergaters). it was absolutely for them, without a doubt


Agreed, it was clear from the replies to every non-apology tweet they have issued so far. Their games were never for me in the first place, they certainly aren’t going to be in the future either.


You’re absolutely right. EU regulation requires that they delete your information should you request it, and not doing so opens them up to potentially severe action.

Guy on Twitter I knew hadn’t used his Origin in years and logged back on to discover his profile was blanked out. I can totally buy this is something EA would do.

There was also another huge gaffe a few years ago when someone asked for a GOG refund on Pillars of Eternity due to the transphobic joke one of the backers got included in the credits, and the customer support person made a giant reply post to them saying why they don’t think it was offensive at all. CDPR has always been a bastion for PC gaming grognards.

For other choices in unified storefronts, Discord is looking alright, since—while there are still alt-right servers lurking around—they’ve at least publicly made an effort to stomp out obvious neo-nazi communities, the kinds that run rampant on Steam. It’s probably going to be my go-to platform for the foreseeable future.


Is anyone having an issue with trying to get GOG to delete their account? I have created two customer support tickets with GOG about deleting my account and no one has responded to them.

That’s the exact demographic they’re catering towards. I imagine many will bend over backwards to defer their actions. This has been very prevalent on more right wing leaning places.

Same thing here


I know this is rather light for the topic at hand but has a someone made a “seedy PR” joke yet. If not who at Kotaku do I contact so Luke Plunkett doesn’t steal my pun… again.


They resisted completing my request at first with the non-apology tweet, but they did get back to me within 10-15 hours between each correspondence; as long as you’ve gotten their automatic message you should get a reply. I have a feeling they’re handling a lot of requests after that PR disaster.


Same here. I’m going to reply today, reminding them of their GDPR requirement.

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I live in the United States so I am unsure whether or not there is a GDPR equivalent over here. I will reply to the ticket again, but I did that once on the first ticket and still got no response.

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It took until today for them to respond to my request. They asked for a confirmation along with some details to prove that I am the owner. Seems to vary a lot how quickly they respond, could be that they’ve had internal discussions on how to handle it.

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